A Simple Experiment

The whole  Chick-Fil-A story brought to mind an Idea I’d had years and years ago.

Almost twenty years ago, a bunch of orc “community organizers” brought down the full weight of Saint Paul’s regulatory bureaucracy against “Saint Paul Firearms”, a gun store opened in the Midway by an electrician who’d invested his life’s savings in the place.  After a years-long battle, the city finally squeezed the owner, Greg Perkins, out of business.

And I hatched the idea for an improbable but fun experiment.  How improbable?  It was all predicated on me winning the Megamilliions and having a couple hundred million to play with

With that out of the way?  I’d lop a cool mill out of my account and buy up a block of blighted housing in a Minneapolis or Saint Paul neighborhood with potential.  The whole block.  Every single house.   Maybe an old-school block with a corner store; .

Then I’d get Jeff O’Meara in there to rehab ‘every building to a fine sheen.  I mean, serioiusly – make ’em middle-class dream houses.

And then I’d re-sell them to people – privately, natch.  $150,000 apiece.  Or $75,000 if you had a valid carry permit, a clean criminal record, and had attended a GOP caucus meeting or primary election.  Ditto the corner store – I’d sell it back at half price to anyone who’d display a “Protected By Smith and Wesson” sign in the front window, and a “God Made Man; Colt Made Man Equal” plaque and a “God Bless Ronald Reagan” poster behind the counter. Or maybe with a billboard on top that ran adds for Ruger, the GOP, “Armed American Radio” and such.

And I’d take out annual full-page ads in the Strib and PiPress showing how crime had dropped, not only on that block, but throughout the neighborhood.

I’d love to see the official reaction.  There’d be no discriminating against non-gun-owners and voters for the anti-business, pro-blight and pro-criminal party when I sold the houses – we’d just be giving a discount for those who exercise their constitutional right to keep, bear, and know how to use arms, and support a party that supports improving life, rather than making blight tolerable.

I’d have loved to have seen the official reaction from the city involved.

5 thoughts on “A Simple Experiment

  1. Now they know what you’re planning you’ll need to start an innocuous non-profit to be your stalking horse – give it a name like Children’s Urban Revitalization System (CURS for short)

  2. Mitch, one more thing I might add is WHATEVER you could do to legally keep the Met Council’s tentacles out of your neighborhood. Sounds like heaven though, sign me up!

  3. I would settle for a Gadsden flag sticker in the front window of the shop!

  4. Adrian:

    At the rate they’re going, the only way he’d be able to keep the Met Council’;s tentacles out of his neighborhood, would be to build the neighborhood in Otter Tail or Aitkin or Carlton counties…or farther north (with the exception of St Louis county)


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