Things I’m Supposed To Love But Can’t Stand: Stinking Tropical Heat

Maybe it’s all the Beach Boys songs that are such a part of our shared cultural heritage.

Maybe it’s the residual effects of the American school system’s three months off in the summer.

Maybe it’s Madison Avenue’s effect on the cultural zeitgeist.

But Americans are supposed to love summer.

To Americans, summer is fun; barbecues, baseball, boating at the lake, fun fun fun in Daddy’s T-bird…

…and, fact is, I like all that.

But for most Americans, summer looks a lot more like this…

…with, on weeks like this, a heaping helping of this:

Don’t get me wrong.  I love summer – provided I can be violently physically active, preferably biking (with its built-in breeze).

But I’m:

  • one of ten Minnesotans whose family didn’t accumulate some kind of lake property back in the fifties, so summer is a matter of trying to stay functional between bouts of  non-misery
  • not a teacher
  • battling hay fever that is intensely aggravated by the heat and humidity, so when I say “stob” I really mean “dode go”
  • a cold weather baby

…and you can have this hot, steaming, humid, mangrove-swamp-dwelling dripping crap.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Things I’m Supposed To Love But Can’t Stand: Stinking Tropical Heat

  1. Whiner. If you weren’t so dang big it wouldn’t be so bad. Personally, I love it. I freeze my ass off 6 months out of the year. This is sublime. I remember driving around Sarasota in July with the windows rolled down. Did I sweat? Absolutely. It was awesome. Put an icepack on your head and pretend you’re back in Dogpatch North Dakota.

  2. I’m with Mitch on this. 85 degrees in MN’s brand of humidity, and I start sweating after 5 minutes just sitting there, let alone actually performing any activity. Give me 65 degrees and 25% humidity all year round.

    That said, if I could get out of my upside down mortgage, and get my job transferred down to Nashville (UHG has IT staffed offices down there), I’d put up with the climate that is usually 10-20 degrees hotter and 20% more humid all summer long to get the hell out of this socialist hell hole.

  3. Is Nashville really any better, Bill? I have heard that both TN and KY, traditionally viewed as red states are getting more blue by the day.

  4. Best of both worlds here. 90 degree heat – ZERO PERCENT humidity. Downside smoke from the wildfires….Ah summer…..


  5. Plus your up to your bloomers in Mormons, Cindy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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