Just Remember – They Think You’re The Dumb Ones

Steve “Spotty” Timmer, writing in “MNLeft”, yet another lefty group blog:

They Put The Phyrric Into Victory

Perhaps they – Craig Westover and Jason Lewis,the subjects of Timmer’s piece  – disagree with Timmer about the current GOP Senator race, but Steve Timmer is the one who put “Phyrric” into “victory”…

…which, for those of us who even passed remedial history, is spelled “Pyrrhic Victory“, after King Pyrrhus of Epirus, who, on noting the casualties he’d taken defeating the Romans at the Battle of Asculum in 280 BC, lamented (according to Plutarch) that “more such victories would undo him”.

Just keep chanting; “they’re the smart ones.  They’re the smart ones”.

Chant.  You heard me.

Oh, yeah – they think Kurt Bills hasn’t a chance.  Maybe they’re right.

The voters – the live, legal ones that the GOP tends to draw – haven’t actually spoken on that yet.

It could well be that A-Klo can eke out a…

…no.  I can’t go there.  Too cheap.

UPDATE:  They edited it.  And it’s still wrong.

Remember – Democrats are smart. Republicans – they’re stupid! Stupid and ignorant! Yepper!

UPDATE 2:  Third try’s the charm.

And, Steve, I’m working these days.  You?

7 thoughts on “Just Remember – They Think You’re The Dumb Ones

  1. As if a college level — even entry level — economics course would be taught by a high school social studies teacher
    Is he frickin serious? I’ve taken college level econ 101. It’s linear algebra and a little history, for God’s sake.
    Can’t wait to see Timmer’s “more on econ 101 to come!”

  2. The wingnuts don’t stand a chance against Sen Vanilla Fluff. I mean, how can you take on her record of sponsoring and getting signed into law legislation named for dead children? As nearly every DFL’r man, womyn and child (the ones that survived the nine months or so from conception to the application for benefits) will be swayed by the emotional appeal that AKlo saved kids with her many laws named for dead children. Take your Econ 101, your Austrian School and common sense and stick it. This will be all about emotion, wingnut. People who think need not apply.

  3. Sen Vanilla Fluff

    a/k/a Senator Drain, after her signature accomplishment.

  4. This econ 101 thing is crazy. Economics is a humanity. An physics major at a small state college know more math than Paul Krugman. “Labor economists”, like Obama’s chairman of economic advisers Allen Krueger, are analogous to creationists in the scientific world.

  5. Hello all sorry for the absense, been doing damage control for Elizabeth Warren and getting death threats from the Richard Lugar people (hey I never promise victory only that we will do everything we can, legal or not, to help you win. Read the fine print next time dumbasses) but rumor has it that Amy might be thinking about contacting us soon, say what you want about the Ronulans but they get their people out. Internal polls show that minnesota might be in play if they can get their people on election day to the polls. Also Democratic registration is up heavily in an area just beyond the MSP airport, I believe they called it Ft. Snelling apartments?

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