The media is all abuzz over Ted Nugent’s  rather inflammatory commentary at the NRA convention.

I was struck my Andrea Mitchell’s comments on the Today show this morning – every line of the story included a carefully-enunchated to Nugent being a “Mitt ROMney supporter…”

I guess it’s a good thing that I can still be amazed by anything; after my decades of pointing out the bias and perfidy of the mainstream media, it’s probably a good thing I can still be this outraged.

Dear mainstream media (and idiot leftybloggers); if I say I “support” Mark Dayton, and then go rob a bank, it doesn’t make Mark Dayton complicit in the crime.

Further proof that the Democrats’ main constituency is the stupid.

8 thoughts on “Association

  1. I seem to recall we had similar idiocy from our side of the aisle right around the time that Clinton was running for his second term. On the plus side, if the MSM has to find someone to brand as a “Romney supporter” for stupid and inflammatory comments, it’s because Romney is smart and disciplined enough not to make those unforced errors himself.

  2. “Further proof that the Democrats’ main constituency is the stupid”

    Correction: The unregistered stupid.

  3. I love Ted, but at times his restrained manner frustrates me. I wish he’d just be blunt.

  4. If Ted had been on patrol with Zimmerman, they never would have found Martin’s body.
    ‘Nuff said.

  5. Ted Nugent wouldn’t need to be carrying while on Citizen Patrol: he has 45 years of shat and shart keeping him from harm’s way.

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