War On Women: Let’s See If I Have This Straight

So if you’re a woman who wants the government to pay for your contraception (even absurdly overpriced contraception, like Sandra Fluke’s), the Republicans are “at war” with you…

…until you have children you decide to try to raise, at which point the Democrats attack you?

Wow.  Being a woman is difficult.

5 thoughts on “War On Women: Let’s See If I Have This Straight

  1. Well, Tammy Wynette sung it – Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman.
    Not that I feel in anyway sorry for HRosen, but with her access to the White House (more visits than a few Obama cabinet secretaries) and connections to the DNC, this was a planned, preemptive attack on Ann Romney. These consultants & strategists (of both parties) don’t go on these shows and say what they say without it having been tested and approved by the campaign. I think it’s why she stuck with it long after the program ended via Twitter, up until she didn’t.
    The reaction of Axelrod and Messina was straight out of ‘The Godfather’ – Leave the gun, grab the cannoli’s. And poor HRosen lay slumped over the steering wheel in some field in NJ.

  2. I still find it incredibly ironic that Barry is the most pro-abortion president ever. Not even close. Not even close to other presidental or VP candidates that have run.

    Yet he is the product of a very liberal Atheist, 18 year old college freshman, who was banging a 26 year old married foreign exchange student. You would think the Barry would say “hey, if that was today, I would be aborted”.

  3. The DNC can be very tone deaf. Although democrats like to bill themselves as champions of working people and the middle class (without ever defining what those are, exactly), their upper echelon is populated by people like Rosen. That is, people who are like an alien species to the great mass of Americans who do not make a very good living by going to meetings (what exactly did Michelle Obama do as a $300k/yr community outreach person?).
    Although the Romneys have far more money than Rosen, and the Obama’s, their family life allows them to connect with regular Americans and swing voters in a way that Rosen and the Obama’s cannot.
    Obama is going to find it much harder to swing to the middle before the election than will Romney, and recall that Obama has telegraphed that the economy will be flat through this year.
    I am also picking up a greater tendency for the press to be critical of Obama, and perhaps to do the vetting on him that they should have done 4 years ago.
    I’m feeling pretty good about November these days.

  4. Not that I’d ever want to defend FLOTUS, but in trying to be as accurate as possible to lessen the opportunities for the other side to say “SEE?!?!! YER TEH STUPIDZ!!!”, I believe her $300K+/yr salary was while she was on the board of directors of some hospital. I have never seen or read anything about how much she made as a lawyer before her disbarment.

  5. Terry;

    I don’t think that the Romneys are yet in the billionaire status, like the Obamas.

    This is based on the assumption that the left wing ministry of propaganda meme that The Dear Leader has amassed a campaign war chest of over $1 billion dollars, is correct. The Obama’s were members of the evil rich 1% even before Barry was elected, but now, their net worth is in the same category as their mentor and benefactor, Georgie Soros.

    Again, if true, where is the outrage from the Occupiers and his legion of true believing sycophants?

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