Ted Nugent: “This Case Is Irresponsible And Unethical”

Rock and roller, talk show host and Second Amendment activist Ted Nugent spoke out about the Martin / Zimmerman case yesterday on MSNBC’s “Hardball”.

The quotes were pretty damning: Nugent noted that the affidavit of probable cause was “so thin it’ll get thrown out by a judge”, and predicted Zimmerman’s acquittal.

God, Guns and Gibson made America great.

The Motor City Madman called the prosecutor’s announcement “a campaign speech”, and called the entire indictment “irresponsible and unethical”…

…oh, I can’t keep a straight face anymore.

It wasn’t Ted Nugent.   It was Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz.

Oh, everything else was real:

“Everything in the affidavit (of probable cause) is consistent with a claim of self-defense!”

We shall see.

6 thoughts on “Ted Nugent: “This Case Is Irresponsible And Unethical”

  1. Dershowitz is right. There are two times when a prosecutor doesn’t go to a grand jury: when the indictment is self evident and when the case is too thin. Self evident won’t pass the sniff test here ), so she’s got a case so thin she wouldn’t be able to “indict a ham sandwich.”

    As to conviction, well, the police and locals didn’t even arrest Zman, much less charge him, which should give you an idea on how likely “beyond a reasonable doubt” is, especially with the quality of that affidavit.

  2. Nerd,

    I agree. They’re trying (as D-witz says) to squeeze a plea out of him. They’ll push him until he can’t pay for any more lawyers.

  3. Disagree with Dershowitz on two points. 1 that a Judge will automatically throw this out. 2 that electing our Judges and prosecutors leads to worse outcomes.

    1 Our Supreme Court currently has a faction in it that would Mandate us eating Brocoli if it served the Democratic Party in some way. The Zimmerman case has several ways it serves the Democratic Party. Gun control, Racial tension, and possibly riots if Zimmerman is freed.

    2 I like the fact that we elect those who serve in all phases of law. While I don’t like that far too many of the prosecutors we elect are Bleeding heart libs, salivating at the chance to try a case like this, at least we have the opportunity to un elect them next time around.

  4. I’d give plenty to spend a weekend hunting with Ted. “So, what’ll it be…bow & knife or MP5’s?”

  5. “…possibly riots if Zimmerman is freed”

    Take it to the bank. I’m stocking up on extra ammo myself, just in case.

  6. Andy McCarthy (successful prosecutor of the first WTC bombers) says that the indictment is weak:
    McCarthy is a smart cookie. He noticed the indictment uses active voice when nothing criminal is alleged to have occurred (“Zimmerman confronted Martin”) then switches to passive voice in the next clause when the assault is described (“a struggle ensued”). So the prosecutor identifies Zimmerman as initiating the confrontation (not illegal) but is silent on who initiated the assault ( a crime).

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