The Solution Seems Obvious

The state Campaign Finance Board is short on cash and looking for more money as campaign season heats up:

Gary Goldsmith, the board’s executive director, says stagnant funding makes it difficult for his staff to do its job effectively.

A new report by the State Integrity Investigation, a study that looked at each state’s risk for corruption, underscores Goldsmith’s concern: Minnesota scored lower than other states on some questions having to do with the board’s ability to pursue all investigations.

Well, the obvious solution would be to have the CFB get a huge contribution under the table from someone like Alita Messinger.

(Ba-dum BUM)

Funding difficulties could make the board’s job particularly tough this election year, when outside groups looking to influence campaigns and the vote on proposed amendments to the Minnesota Constitution are expected to dominate political spending.

Here’s a humble suggestion: institute “Loser Pays” for all CFB complaints.

That’ll discourage DFL minions from bringing frivolous, bogus, partisan claims that even mere bloggers can tear to shreds, but require all sorts of expensive due process anyway.

Problem solved!

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