Nothing Cooking

So tonight the two-part finale of Top Chef kicks off. 

My grand unification theory for Bravo “reality” series is, at best, on life support.  The theory is that each of these shows’ final threes must include:

  • An arrogant SOB
  • A cute chick
  • A hypertalented, usually gay, guy.

It usually makes for a decent dramatic triangle; the guy everyone loves to hate, every girl’s best pal, and someone to keep the fellas tuned in. 

So this year, we have:

  • Richard, the hypertalented and not remotely arrogant straight guy.
  • Stephanie, an extremely talented chef (she and Richard, if memory serves, won the most eliminations) albeit not Casey-Thompson-level eye candy.
  • Lisa, the mercurial, lesbian whose cooking during the show was seemingly hit-and-miss (she was a regular on the “chopping block” all season long), who beat out Antonia (who had, if memory serves, won several quickfires and a couple of eliminations, and who’d never been on the chopping block) in a really questionable call.

I’m gonna give my theory another season before I officially retire it.

11 thoughts on “Nothing Cooking

  1. When I first saw Richard in all his faux-hawked glory, I was thinking “There’s the really arrogant obnoxious guy who’s probably going to be kept on for most of the season solely because his misanthropic aggravation of the other contestants make for good TV.”

    How wrong I was. He is probably the most likable guy that’s ever been on that show, and I hope he wins.

    There’s a lesson to be learned here, but I don’t have the attention span to figure out what that is. Oh look! A shiny object!

  2. So tonight the two-part finale of Top Chef kicks off.

    Which means my gal will banish me to the upstairs TV if I want to watch CSI: NY.

  3. Anbody but Lisa. How she avoided getting the hook earlier is beyond comprehension. Has she ever made anything that was better than average?

  4. I have to agree with Chad – anyone but Lisa! Although I was disappointed to see Antonia go out.


  5. At least it was NOT a two-part finale, but a ONE part finale. And at least Lisa did not win.

  6. I figured Richard and Stephanie were the inside shots a while ago; I’m glad to see one of them got it.

    But yeah, Chad, I thought I saw the makings of a come-from-behind Lisa win for a bit there; I think I breathed a sigh of relief when the chefs started raving about Steph’s lamb course.

  7. you know Mitch if Einstein had abandoned his unification theory on the basis of a few years observations we wouldn’t have gotten to the moon. I would try to bend the theory a little bit. Nice coverage! I feel like I’ve actually watched the show.

  8. I would try to bend the theory a little bit.

    Good point. Perseverence wins in the end.

    On to Project Runway!

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