As Predicted

I had a piece in the hopper this morning in which I was going to ask “I wonder how long it’s going to be before a DFLer tries to make “domestic tranquility” an issue in the Minnesota Senate race?”

It didn’t quite make the cut this morning (7AM, my cutoff time for morning blogging, came too dang early).  And it’s a shame, since I just knew this was going to happen…

…yep, the ink on Franken’s Rochester hotel tab is barely dry, and suddenly his minions are on the case!

From the 3rd Hour of [Fast Eddie Schultz’s Friday] show.

On the Al Franken scandals:

“This is all to just lather up the right, to shake down the Democrats, to make Norm Coleman look like he’s an altar boy, which he is not. And that is a story that the right wing media in Minnesota will never do. You know, Norm likes to chase the skirt, you know, there’s no doubt about that. Anybody wanna counter me on that? Anybody in the media want to write an editorial about what an altar boy Norm Coleman is? Any right wing talkers in Minnesota want to tell us what an upstanding, wonderful, highly moral guy Norm Coleman is? Come on! Let’s get it on!”

Schultz spent significant time in the 3rd hour of his show on Friday coming to the defense of Al Franken.

Of course he did. 

It’s been an open secret forever in Saint Paul and Minnesota politics; Norm and his wife have a rather unconventional marriage.  Schultz is being disingenuous if he claims this is some big revelation (or, equally likely, the dim little bulb inside his thick little head hasn’t quite quite figured it out yet, and his prime directive, “blow hard first, ask questions later”, is in control). 

And Franken is to be complemented; he’s been married to Franny for thirty-something years.  Kudos.

But since when did the party of “” – an organization founded ten years ago to cajole the American people into ignoring the legal perjury (and, incidentally, marital infidelity) of a middle-aged lothario in the White House – care about such things?

It was made abundantly clear a decade ago; the Democrats wanted us to consider politicians solely on the issues. 

Wasn’t that what it was all about? 

So if Fast Eddie and his smarter colleagues in the trenches (that’s called “damning with faint praise”) want to try to ding Norm on the issues, go for it; Senator Coleman does have the advantage/liability of actually having a record to criticize.

Unlike Candidate Franken. 

11 thoughts on “As Predicted

  1. It’s well known that Al Franken’s wife is a chain smoker. At least Norm isn’t sitting back and watching his wife slowly kill herself by taking in toxins all day long.

    (note: although Mrs Franken chain smoker, the above was meant to be satire)

  2. I’m from Fargo, where Fat Eddy got his start as a Right Wing talker, but whose nose for where the money is led him to a Populist conversion. Whatever, Right/Left inbetween, it doesn’t really matter. The guy is a mental midget, with a temper that has a fuse shorter than his grasp of complex issues. He once had to be retrained from attacking drunken college kids at an NDSU football game, that had been famously mocking him for “accidentally” shooting his dog to death while hunting a number of years ago. Maybe he and Dick Cheney should go hunting together, as they both seem to share that incompetence…

  3. Didn’t Garrison Keillor try this same tactic back in 2002 when Norm Coleman first ran for the Senate? It seems to me that – regardless of what you think of his politics – Garrison Keillor is much more beloved in Minnesota and more verbose and if he wasn’t able to get any traction with it, Slow Eddie is even less likely to succeed.

  4. I must have missed the part where Norm revealed that his children studied beastiality, or where Norm fantisizes about drugging women and raping them, or where Norm pocketed millions of bucks that were bilked from a children’s charity.

    I’d love to go toe to toe with a big mouthed, fat assed moonbat like Shultz…let’s get it on, lardass!

  5. Norm and his wife haven’t slept together in years?

    Sounds like he’s got a traditional marriage.

  6. Schultz is a fucking pig. He has an incredible asshole to his first wife, Maureen Zimmerman, in Fargo.

    Schultz trying to rag on Coleman? Dumb idea.

  7. Boy, you wingnuts would love to stuff that genie back in the bottle, eh? What with all the bathroom-cruisers, whore-mongers and pedophiles in your party! Alas, too late!

  8. Does this ‘ascribe the sins of the few to the many’ work on anybody angryclown? I mean, sure it supports your “Many/Most/All Republicans Are [X]” rantings, but it isn’t much of an argument, is it?

  9. What with all the bathroom-cruisers, whore-mongers and pedophiles in your party! Alas, too late!

    I’m sure Barney, Eliot, and Gerry will agree with you.

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