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  1. This is sort of like giving to PBS-NPR only to tune in one day and hear or see something that offends and then remarking – “I didn’t know my donation was going to pay for that garbage” and not donating again. When people stop donating to PBS-NPR we get a lecture from Lefty about how we must support diverse points of view. When something offends from the right, Lefty looks to ban speech. How totalitarian of you Lefty.

  2. So am I correct in thinking that if any actual sponsors have pulled their ads from the Rush Limbaugh program, there will be others willing to pay as much or more to have their spots run during his show?

    I haven’t followed this story very closely – manufactured controversies like this one don’t interest me that much – but I do recall reading that at least one long-time sponsor who pulled their ads, The Sleep Train, tried to change their mind only to have Limbaugh refuse to take them back. I suspect that there was already someone ready, willing and able to pay for the slot(s) that they vacated and Limbaugh will end up in no worse of a financial position and may actually gain from the “controversy.”

  3. I’ll say it again: you can never overestimate how much the Left hates Rush Limbaugh. They don’t listen to him, his mere existence drives them crazy. There is no phenomenon on the Right that matches it. Limbaugh’s offense was to offend them — the Fluke woman wasn’t harmed by him. And what a silly little person she is. She thinks it is very, very important that someone else pay for her birth control, even if that person has a deep, long-standing moral objection to it. She never said she couldn’t afford it, just that she didn’t think that she should pay for it. It never occurred to her to think that maybe other people would rather spend their $82/month on things besides her birth control. Sheesh. She’s a perfect representative of our would be ruling class.

  4. Of course, the underlying issue here is the utter hypocrisy of the left on matters sexual: keep government out of my bedroom until it comes time to pay for my party.

  5. Was that on 91.1 yesterday? I heard that by mistake (turned on a radio that was already tuned to that station).

    So we have gov’t run radio trying to put the opposition media out of business.

    Imagine if Bush had tried to do that. Have state run media work to shut down CBS or MSNBC.

  6. Most lefties and Liberal Fascists have been calling Ann Coulter a slut or whore for years… but are now trying to get Rush censored. (Dog Gone is a prime example)

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