Shearing Begins

One upside of having a news site like the MInnPost:  while they are fashionably center-left, they are not completely in bed with the Sports-Industrial Complex.   Since they don’t “sell” any more “copies” on Vikings game days, they can actually report, y’know, facts.

Like this bit by Marlys Harris on the top five things they’re not telling you about the stadium.

Although it may be telling that they ignore the two parts that are directly traceable to the DFL – RT Rybak’s unfulfillable promise re the Minneapolis sales tax, and the complete fantasy behind Tom Bakk’s gambling revenue proposal.

Still, the more reporting people do on this mass-fleecing, the better.

2 thoughts on “Shearing Begins

  1. Harris story is quite interesting. Especially her contention that the stadium would be exempt from property taxes. That moves my position on the stadium from ‘no’ to ‘hell, no’.

  2. I started at “hell, no” but out of respect for Mitch’s efforts to run a family-friendly blog, I won’t write the description of where I’ve been at for a while.

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