Feeding The Hand That Fed Them

The Obama Administration has created 19 jobs, anyway – for Washington “journalists” and media execs who’ve gone to work for the Administration:

For some Washington reporters and media execs, cheering their team from the sidelines just isn’t good enough: Tugging on a red, white and blue Team Obama jersey is the answer.

That’s the case for a whopping 19 journalists and media executives, including five from the Washington Post and three each from ABC and CNN, who’ve gone into the administration or center-left groups supporting the president.

It’s not just a DC thing.  Here in Minnesota, the DFL and its various minion non-profits and “Think tanks” are clogged with former reporters.

On the right?  Not so much.

But no. No media bias anywhere out there. Perish the thought.

But liked this bit, from a spokesman for the liberal Brookings Institution:

Stephen Hess, a presidential and journalism scholar at the Brookings Institution, said reporters can be “conflicted” when they trade places. “On the other hand,” he added, “reporters going back to journalism after a stint in government are always better reporters in that they now understand how government really works.”

In other words, to the left, the media and government are training grounds…for each other!

3 thoughts on “Feeding The Hand That Fed Them

  1. I fail to see how this is A) a surprise or B) News. And of course the media has no agenda, it just reports facts… god am I glad I didn’t decide to pursue a career in journalism.

  2. It’s like cross training for hands. One hand can wash the other so much more effectively afterwards.

  3. “In other words, to the left, the media and government are training grounds…for each other!”

    Frick meet Frack; Frack meet Frick.

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