Better Late Than Never

You can go to Minnesota Public Radio for  h news today

…that was on Shot In The Dark two years ago.

I fully expect to see Tom Scheck and Rachel Stassen-Berger write a piece raising questions about the accuracy, methodogy and timing of the Star/Tribune “Minnesota” Poll and the Humprhey Institute poll, and how curious it is that they all have the same statistical error at exactly the same time favoring exactly the same party, in such a way as would just happen to promote a “Bandwagon” effect.

And I expect to see it next January or February.  After the election.

2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Isn’t this “safe time” for Governor Dayton? I mean, almost three years before he face another election and MPR is “on the case” now? An interesting time to get “all curious” unless your interest is in shielding the DFL from damage.

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