Is It Real, Or Is It Iowahawk?

The new Newsweek cover:

On the one hand, it’s only Newsweek – which will be a shopper by 2015.

But it sort of sums up what will be the media’s approach; Obama smart, critics smash.

10 thoughts on “Is It Real, Or Is It Iowahawk?

  1. To paraphrase the old question to your stockbroker, “If he’s so dang smart, why ain’t we all rich?”

  2. Newsweek once again redefines the word “fawning” by distilling it. Then drinking it. Then vomiting into print.

  3. Written by Andrew Sullivan…see?? SEE??!! It’s written by a conservative!! This is SO a balanced news magazine!!

    (I went looking for an Andrew Sullivan drinking game online and came up dry. Help, please!)

  4. The media is calling us stupid. We ought to be immune by now. I wasn’t aware media was an authorized political party, but the evidence seems to indicate otherwise.

  5. Who else can give an honest account of Obama’s presidency but a “conservative” who wants Bush/Cheney tried for war crimes and does not believe that Sarah Palin is Trig Palin’s mother?

  6. Did you notice the other stories featured on the cover? One appears to declare the end of class warfare (I wonder who won?), and the other looks into Mrs. Santorum’s “surprising” past. Hmmm, based on what we know about Newsweak’s ethics and fact-checking, I think we can have a little contest. Vote for which you think is more likely: She was a) a scout troop leader; b) a stripper; c) a man.

  7. Iowahawk is the best at parody I have ever read. Good choice. I had a Newsweek subscription for many years, mainly because of Robert Samuelson. But as they slowly degraded into Newsweak, I let my subscription go. Maybe when they become a shopper I will pick it up again.

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