Perhaps the funniest bit of political/media commentary I’ve ever seen.


And I’ve seen a lot.

I apologize, “Daily Show”. All – well, much – is forgiven.

At least on its surface.

But as I watch this, something just doesn’t pass the sniff test.

This blog has attacked Froma Harrop – she of the “Civility Project” who called Tea Partiers “Terrorists” even as she called for “civility” – not a few times in the past.

She’s an idiot, but she’s not stupid.  She can’t be stupid enough not to figure out she’s been shown as a bobble head at least, a corrosive hypocrite at worst?

Can she?

I mean, I don’t know why:  is she trying to push her way past the flap with a little incongruous humor?  Or is the world of the media so utterly insulated that she believes nobody will call her on it?  Or is it just when you’re part of the “elite” media, nobody that matters ever really will call you on it?

I guess “c”.

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  1. Now that is funny. And a beautiful illustration. I bet she and Noam Chomsky could have a deep and meaningful conversation.

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