Joe Doakes from Como Park writes in re a Carl Bogus column in the Strib:

Modern conservatives are stupid and wrong because they bitterly cling to obsolete sentiments about Commies and God, first articulated by William F. Buckley, Jr. in “God and Man at Yale.”


Modern conservatives see government domination of industry, finance and medicine weakening us economically while free love, no-fault divorce, abortion-on-demand, flag burning and group-identity indoctrination weaken our moral fiber, both threatening to leave our country worse off when our children inherit it than when we inherited it; and we justly resent that trend.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

The Bogus piece purports that reading God And Man At Yale will explain everything you need to know about modern American conservatism.

I suggest that while there’s some merit to that, you can actually learn a lot more about the modern media by reading Bogus’ take on Buckley.

More tomorrow.

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  1. What is wrong with government and why is government evil? Did you see that the federal government has declared war on Minnesota based Cargill. They are cancelling the $550,000,000 in contracts the fed’l government has with Cargill (such as providing food to the defense dept).

    Cargill’s sin? They say a single plant in Arkansas is discriminating in its hiring, even though 84% of the employees are minority. The gov’t says that too many Asians work there and not enough women.

  2. Chuck, in a related note, maybe we can ask the 1 dead woman and 136 ill about Cargill and the evils of gov’t. But I do look forward to your future post Mitch.

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