The Stench Of Revenge

I’m of many minds about  this story (the photos are at the link; it’s safe, but tasteless, for work).

Rossie Brovent wants £60,000 in damages from Ryan Fitzjerald.

Rossie, from Dayton, Ohio, US, wanted a scene from the Narnia trilogy inked on her back.

But thaaaat’s not what happened…

Instead she was left with a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it.

Ms. Brovent’s ex-boyfriend had a reason…:

Tattoo artist Ryan turned rogue after discovering that Rossie had cheated on him with his best friend.


  1. On the one hand – ick.  I mean – ick.
  2. On the other hand, it’s only in the details that it’s worse than most tattoos, especially full-back ink.  Note to people with full-back or ful-frontal tattoos; ugh.  Ugh ugh ugh.  That means you.   Ick.  I mean – yes, again – Ick.
  3. Seriously.  Call me a child of another era – one where tattoos meant that someone had been in the military (good) or prison (not good), but I think America is going to wake up someday from its fixation with tattoos the same way people woke up from hair styles they tried back in the seventies – except they won’t be able to get a hair cut and burn a bunch of photos to eliminate the evidence.  Nothing short of third-degree burns will get you out of that.
  4. Seriously, Mr. Fitzjerald – not classy.
  5. And yet I’m curiously impelled to give you at least some style points.

I see an Administration ban on drunk tattooing coming up.

UPDATE/CORRECTION:  When I wrote this, I wrote it more as a commentary on the battle of the sexes and on America’s gauche fixation with body art than as legal reporting.  I gotta confess, I also thought “reads like a hoax, and I’ll bet it’s henna”.

Which is good, since the story is…well, at least all of the names and the legal action are apparently fake, according to this story from which, I note, all mention of the existence or permanence of the tattoo itself is absent.

3 thoughts on “The Stench Of Revenge

  1. I’m with ya’ Mitch. The second worst phone call that you want to get from your 18 year old daughter – “Dad, I just got a tatoo.” She now has one on each ankle and unfortunately, a “tramp stamp” on her lower back. Ugh!

  2. I have a suspicion that C. S. Lewis (whose birthday was yesterday) wouldn’t have been all that keen about seeing somebody tattooed with a scene from one of his books either. Though I don’t think he’d have encouraged the response.

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