Life In Occupied Minnesota: October 15, 2011 Edition

Everybody sing!

(To the tune of Crosby Stills and Nash’s “Woodstock”):

I went down to the “Peoples’ Plaza”,
They were several hundred strong.
And every chant was a blast
of self-abnegation!

We are cogs, we are sprockets,
We are eggs in The Peoples’ Omelet!
And we’ve got to get ourselves,
into unison!

3 thoughts on “Life In Occupied Minnesota: October 15, 2011 Edition

  1. Nice reporting, Mitch. Sorry you had to waste part of an afternoon. I had thought the cops would take down the tents at 3AM, just like in a Jack Reacher thriller. Turns out I was wrong by a couple of hours. None of the willing martyrs got to be arrested. Now it appears they want to move the demo to another street corner because they figure the Mpls cops are going to roll over and let them do it. Stay tuned.

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