Point/Counterpoint: Rumors Of Its Demise Are Exaggerated

There are those who say that political blogging is dead – replaced by Twitter.

To explore the issue, I present a Point/Counterpoint debate between myself and my evil twin brother Jed.

MITCH:  Is political blogging dead?  Who cares?  As long as I enjoy doing it, it’s alive!

JED: Solipsistic as always, Mitch.  The larger point is this; if all political communication is going to have to squeeze down to 140 characters (less links), then completing the de-evolution to Duckspeak is really just a formality.

The winner:  Both of us!

That is all.

8 thoughts on “Point/Counterpoint: Rumors Of Its Demise Are Exaggerated

  1. Speaking of twit… from PenisBlog: “The next time you hear someone on the right use the phrase ‘job creators’, stop for a moment. Ask yourself, who are these wealthy job creators, and why aren’t they creating jobs.”

    DumbDogGoneOfftheCliff, the answer is obvious, threatening business that you are about to tax them even more while you berate them on a daily basis for being successful is not going to get them to hire even if they are growing…

    the work of the Obamassiah is never done… nice job BarryO

  2. Krod,

    Hah! It’s absolutely uncanny – that’s exactly the line that EVERY leftyblog has been hitting all day, on the blogs and twitter.

    But no, no groupthink there!

  3. There has been significant discussion in my company about the impact of adding a couple of people to our office here, cost wise. Although nothing has been announced about how our healthcare plan will be affected, it is still top of mind during every add to staff discussion.

  4. Mitch, you cover it in one of Berg’s Laws… When they accuse you they are the ones actually doing it…

    The fact of the “jobs” matter is that Obama has been repeating his jobs chanting point while unemployment has done anything except get better….

    Obama at Martha’s Vinyard, year 2010, 2011,… check
    Obama talking about jobs being his #1 job after returning from Marth’s Vinyard, year 2010, 2011, … check
    And the unemployment rate is higher than Obama promised it would ever get… year 2010, 2011, … check

  5. Walmart is hiring, this disproves their theory somewhat. But it’s not a union or government jobs so libs don’t count them

  6. Well, much political communication has already been squeezed down to 140 characters. The fools and morons who adore Obama get their “news” from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Throw in the 21 minutes of propaganda ABC, CBS and NBC present every night and the mindless drivel provided by MSNBC, you get a well formatted exercise in group think that would make Uncle Joe proud.
    And if you don’t agree with me, you’re a racist.

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