Gibson Musical Instruments Corp. CEO Henry Juszkiewicz via smacked Obama and his speech with a big piece of rosewood:

”He’s a government fan,” he says. “He has a problem with successful businesses. He thinks they’re the problem, that they shouldn’t be quite as successful.”

“He is using the levers of government to not only redistribute, but to penalize,” he adds. “I see a difference between what he said and what he’s doing.”

“We’re under attack,” Juskiewicz says. “It’s pretty interesting to see that one of the points in Obama’s speech was to cut back regulation and promote jobs, when, in fact, he’s done just the opposite…

The splash Obama’s made about “cutting regulation” is, of course, purely potemkin – or as that other Gibson player, John Lennon, once noted…


The Gibson "John Lennon", modeled after one of Lennon's old instruments

…it’s one (cut regulation) for you, nineteen for me.

6 thoughts on “Powerchord

  1. It’s a welcome change. Instead of crying about their victimization accompanied by sad violin music, whiny wingnuts are now accompanied on guitar.

    Memo to wingnuts: obey the law, pay your taxes, stop your whining. Signed, America.

  2. There’a a law in Bhutan that bans pseudonymous commenting.

    There should be an FBI SWAT team at your door shortly.


  3. Obey the law, pay your taxes, stop your whining, and support Democrats. Otherwise Eric Holder’s Injustice Dept. will be paying you a little visit. “Nice guitar company youse gots here. It’d be a shame if something happened to it.”

  4. “Obey the law, pay your taxes”

    Unless you’re in the Obama administration. *indulgences aplenty*

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