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With the news that organizers of a “Labor Day” parade have disinvited Republican elected officials in Wisconsin….:

Organizers of the Labor Day parade in Wausau say Republican lawmakers aren’t welcome in this year’s event…Council president Randy Radtke says they choose not to invite elected officials who have “openly attacked worker’s rights”…Republican Rep. Sean Duffy’s office received notice from parade organizers this week that no Republicans would be invited to walk in the parade. Duffy’s chief of staff, Brandon Moody, tells WAOW-TV the congressman was hoping differences could be set aside for the family-friendly event.

…I have to wonder – is this the left’s latest Borg-hive meme?  That Labor Day is for people who suck up to “Labor?”

Could be – the meme is popping up in Minnesota, too.  Yesterday, Representative Carly Melin – a former Hamline U law student whom the DFL quickly transplanted from St. Paul to Tony Sertich’s old district up on the Range at the last possible second to run as the DFL’s anointed candidate, but don’t you dare call her a carpetbagger – wrote on Twitter yesterday…:

Will #mnleg GOP members who attacked collective bargaining rights all session be celebrating Labor Day? Do they know the history? #unions

Hm.  So “Labor Day” is not so much for union people, but for people who are compliant with Big Labor’s political agenda?

Perhaps it’s time to abolish the Labor Day holiday.  Stop me if I’m wrong, but national holidays are for the nation – everyone – and not just the glorification of special interest groups.



Look – unlike most DFLers, I’ve been a union member.  And unlike most of them, I know the history of the holiday; Labor Day was passed by Grover Cleveland and Congress in 1894 to assuage unionist anger after a series of violent strikes, at a time when they served a very legitimate purpose in the market – to see that workers were paid, and could work without getting killed or maimed on the job.

Today, organized labor largely exists to inveigle government to keep feeding an undisturbed stream of entitlements to generally well-to-do government employees.

Or if we don’t abolish the holiday, maybe we should change the name.  Call it “You Shall Work ‘Til You’re 70 So We Can Retire At 55” Day.  Or, less pointedly, “Back To School Day”, or “Beginning of Football Season Day”, or maybe a fall equinox party with people dancing around an aluminum pole for all I care.  The point being if the Wisconsin unions and Carly Melin want to use a federal and state holiday to enforce compliance with the unions’ demands, then maybe it shouldn’t be a federal and state holiday at all .

I’d say call it “Entrepreneur Day”, but nobody would get the day off…

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  1. “Today, organized labor largely exists to inveigle government to keep feeding an undisturbed stream of entitlements to generally well-to-do government employees.”

    I disagree.

    I think organized labor largely exists to keep feeding itself. Providing a “undisturbed stream of entitlements to generally well-to-do government employees” is just a job they have to do to keep the rank and file union members compliant.

    Another “job” is paying off political favors (example: Is union membership required of government employees and are dues automatically deducted from paychecks? Why yes, they are.) by presenting “reality challenged” pictures of the current political situation to said compliant union members.

  2. Apparently, the Mayor of Wausau, fired back at the union goons. He advised them that they could not restrict who attended the parade, unless they wanted to pay the city back for their expenses associated with it, including liability insurance, the stage and related set up and of course, assigning unionized city employees.

  3. “Power to the people” has become “Power to the right people”. As for all you schmucks paying taxes, shut up and get in line. Public employees are not your servants, they are now your masters.

  4. Christmas parade for Christians only!
    Thanksgiving parade for Puritans only!
    Since the people who do the most amount of work for the least amount of pay in the U.S. are actually Mexicans, howzabout combining Labor Day and Cinco de Mayo?
    Or they could combine Labor Day with MLK Day and then no Republicans would even want to be in their damn parade!

  5. Althouse posted about this also. The best comment on her post: “…Republican animosity toward the labor movement should absolutely get them banned from Labor Day celebrations. Of course, Democrats will have to stay locked away during Independence Day and Memorial Day.”

  6. KSTP News had a story about how a booth promoting conventional marriage was outside of the fairgrounds. Gay marriage info is available at the DFL booth and organised labor booths inside of the fairgrounds. We could start referring to “Labor Day” as “Gay Marriage Day” explaining that gay marriage seem to be the top priority of today’s unions. http://kstp.com/article/stories/S2257946.shtml?cat=0

  7. How about changing the name to Lewis and Clark day, to commemorate the expedition of the Louisiana Purchase, completed in September 1806? That seems to me to exemplify the spirit of America more than a bunch of union thugs intimidating people and stealing the future from the next generation.

  8. Give the public employees their own holiday. Oh wait. They get Columbus Day off. Presidents Day off. Maybe we could have a new one: Screw the Taxpayers Day.

  9. In Hawaii, state and county employees get Admissions Day off. That’s the anniversary of the day that Hawaii was admitted to the union.
    They also get Good Friday off, which I think is wrong no matter how you look at it. It is an explicitly religious holiday, but Christians are not really supposed to “celebrate” it. “Woo-hoo! It’s Good Friday! I have the day off and I am going to party!” is not the proper way to mark the day that the Savior was crucified.

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