A Busy Day

It’s been an incredibly busy day.  Two, really – yesterday and today are both shaping up to be bruisers.

So if it’s all the same to everyone, posting is likely going to be very light today.

So much to talk about tomorrow – unpacking the shutdown settlement, especially.  Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “A Busy Day

  1. The wonderful post you did yesterday more than makes up for whatever isn’t here today. Of course, you could tell Roosh to get off the stick; he’s on a milk carton or something, right?

    By the way, I really like the redesign.

  2. Is the redesign intentional, or is WordPress getting funky? There are features missing, like titles for posts when in comments.
    Otherwise, get out and savor the wonderful weather. 80 with low humidity is a beautiful thing.

  3. I’ll be looking forward to reading tomorrow with breathless anticipation…or something! 🙂

  4. I’ll have to fill the extra reading time with B.S. laden email from the Governor. He says “I love you guys” and “let’s get Minnesota working with higher taxes”. What a schmuck.

  5. Saw you got some quotes in a DailyBeast article about Eva Young, et al. Did the reporter get the quotes right?


  6. He got the quotes right. The comparison of traffic was Graham’s, but was ambiguously worded and could be read like I said it. I didn’t.

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