Making It Up As He Goes Along

100% of sitting presidents seem to have a problem with making stuff up as he goes along.  Last week, he claimed 80% of Americans support tax hikes – which would seem to be an epic turnaround in eight months, if it were true.

If it were true:

Where is he getting this 80% figure? How about “out of his hind end.” Gallup doesn’t back him up. Neither does Rasmussen. Gallup gets you closest, but you have do get a little creative with the numbers and even it shows that 50% would prefer a deal with no “revenues” at all (Ras shows 55% on that side).

Obama’s just scattin’ and be-boppin’ and makin’ stuff up.

Where is Snopes?  Politicfact?  All of our legions of journalistic “fact-checkers?”

7 thoughts on “Making It Up As He Goes Along

  1. Democrats; the party of the rectal data extraction, hoping nobody in the media calls them on it, and all too often being right.

  2. I think perhaps the President was right and Mitch missed nothing. 805 Americans support this. No percentage, just a raw number.

  3. As I have previously stated, finding an instance of Obama telling the truth is far more difficult than realizing his manifold dishonesty.
    Case in point: during the election Obama said “We’re only gonna tax the top 2% of wage earners”. He also said “Everybody’s gotta have some skin in the game”. Of course the MSM had it’s collective head so far up his butt they couldn’t see the obvious contradiction.

  4. . . . his manifold dishonesty

    Could there be any stronger evidence of Kermit’s racism? I think not.

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