Dayton Sends In The Temps

After spending millions of dollars upsetting the DFL machine, and then more on the campaign of toxic sleaze that put him in office by a whisker, it seems Mark Dayton really doesn’t want to do his job all that badly.

After rejecting a balanced Republican budget that not only lives within state revenue but also gave him most of his purported policy goals, Dayton first called for a “mediator”.

In other words, he called for a single lawyer to dictate what the state budget would be.

And now, he’s brought in a junta – a group of “experts” – to dictate what the budget should be.

Former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson and former Vice President Walter Mondale have assembled a six-member panel of experts to help resolve the state’s budget standoff, the two announced Tuesday.

The group “features” Arne “High Times” Carlson – whose only budgetary experience came during the prosperous, cha-cha nineties – and Walter Mondale, who was Jimmy Carter’s vice-president.

These two – the RINO and the hard-line DFLer – are joined by a dog’s breakfast of “experts”.

Any guess on what the “experts” have in common?

Two former legislators are on the panel — Republican Steve Dille and DFLer Wayne Simoneau.

Dille got a 55 from the Taxpayers League.  Simoneau was a DFLer – need I say more? –

It has two representatives of the business community — former Norwest Bank president Jim Campbell and Medtronic vice president Kris Johnson.

That’s Jim Campbell, whose recent political donations have been to DFLers, potemkin Republican Chuck Hagel, and a few Republicans back in the day when the parties were basically different shades of spendthrift, and Kristen Johnson, whose record seems to be Republican, which donations to McCain-Palin, Erik Paulsen and other Republicans.

The other two members are former state finance commissioners — John Gunyou, who served in the Carlson administration, and Jay Kiedrowski, who worked for DFLer Rudy Perpich.

That’s John Gunyou, who ran as Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s running mate in the primaries against Dayton last year – for the DFL nomination – “managed” budgets at a time when budgeting was a piece of cake since the good times were rolling, and has been beating the drums against conservative governance ever since he left office.

Speaking in Minneapolis’ City Hall, Carlson said he thought legislators and Gov. Mark Dayton needed the help.

“When the process loses the ability to be flexible to effect compromise, then you have to have an outside party,” said Carlson. “In business it might be some sort of mediation or arbitration, whatever it may be, but you need that kind of process to take place.”

Carlson said he’d like the panel to offer a settlement of some kind by the end of this week.

Let’s see – with six high-profile liberals (Mondale, Carlson, Gunyou, Kiedrowski, Schowalter and Campbell) and one apparently conservative (Johnson), what do you suppose that “settlement” is going to look like?

Like a “back to the Nineties” – a perfect accompaniment for Dayton’s “back to the Seventies” administration.

Mondale said he also worried that the fiscal debate in Washington could add fuel Minnesota’s budget crisis.

“I’m afraid that if we don’t reassert Minnesota’s ability to think and create in this crisis, that we’ll be overwhelmed by national pressures,” said Mondale.

Dear Carlson, Mondale et al:  we elected people to do our “creating” and “thinking”; a bare plurality got behind Dayton, while a clear majority put the GOP legislature in office.

You want to play governor again?  Get yourselves elected.

Go away.

4 thoughts on “Dayton Sends In The Temps

  1. In the fine print of lots of contracts (credit card, 2nd mortgages, etc), you will note a provision that in the event of a dispute, you agree to be bound over to an arbitration process. By agreeing to be bound over to the arbitrator’s decision, you forgo your rights to sue, threaten to sue or at least legally harass the bejeebers out of the credit card company or the bank. Oh and the arbitrator gets to be of the other party’s choosing and can be (and usually is) on some type of retainer with the other party so you know going in the deck is stacked against you. I think I read a report that the arbitrator finds in the company’s favor >85% of the time. The “Folks Fighting for the Little Guy”(TM) hate these arbitration provisions and have tried to get them outlawed.
    Not surpising that a big, powerful business guy like Carlson sees arbitration as a way out of this disagreement. When it comes to elections, it doesn’t matter how the people vote, the thing that matters is who gets to count the votes. In arbitration it doesn’t matter what the facts or the issues are, it matters who gets to pick the arbitrator.

  2. OK, boys and girls. Today we’re going to learn a new word:
    Say it with me:

    Sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it? But trust me, girls and boys, it’s not a joke. Politboro wants to tell you what to do, what to eat, where you can go, and what you can think.

    Politboro has an amazing amount of power. And it doesn’t give a rats tail about you.

  3. On True North there is a clip of Kurt Zellers slamming Carlson, but then waterboy and confirmed moron Tony Sertich welcomes Arne, claiming that they welcome anyone that wants to work to resolve this.

    Note to dip stick Sertich: How ’bout telling Mad Mark to resolve it then? And while you’re at it, why don’t you finally admit that you and your spendthrift ilk are the ones that caused the problem in the first place?!

  4. Mark Dayton makes Arne Quisling Carlson look like a statesman. Which he’s not.

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