More Of The More Of The More Of The Same

Two weeks after caterwauling that Tom Emmer had “stuck to his extreme right-wing agenda” by selecting Annette Meeks as his running mate, two of the three DFL gubernatorial candidates have…

…stuck with their extreme left-wing agendas in their choices of running mates.

Last week Margaret Anderson-Kelliher selected John Gunyou:

Gunyou served as state finance commissioner during the first term of Republican Gov. Arne Carlson. He’s also worked as finance director for the City of Minneapolis and most recently as city manager of Minnetonka.

In other words, he ran the budget for a governor whose answer for everything was to raise taxes, then for a city that is falling apart, and finally as a manager for a third-tier suburb with a huge corporate and business tax base that can keep even the most megalomaniacal budget afloat…for a while.

And today came word that Mark Dayton has picked Yvonne Prettner Solon.  Prettner Solon is a legislator from Duluth who has a lifetime 14 out of 100 rating from the Taxpayers’ League – and only a 7 in this past session.

The lesson for average Minnesotans is clear; elect Tom Emmer, or just attach your wallets to a shop-vac and save everyone the trouble.

4 thoughts on “More Of The More Of The More Of The Same

  1. As a former resident of the Twin Ports, I look at Duluth’s spending, taxing, and future gov’t employees pension liability, and it’s hard to understand what they are trying to do. You might say “it’s all Greek to me”. Get it. Because they are like Greece in their policies.

  2. third-tier suburb with a huge corporate and business tax base

    That will be getting a little bit bigger. The 10 story, 1500 person building I am in is going to have an identical twin built right next to it, between this building and 169.

    Of course, I think they are going to pull everyone out of the building across 169 from us and move into the new building. And the lease on the corporate HQ that Mitch used to work in is up in 2014. Not sure if they are going to renew or not.

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