Dayton’s Smoking Guns – Gun #2

Yesterday, we discussed the email in the Department of Human Services that indicated that it’s common knowledge among higher ups in the DHS that Governor Dayton is actively promoting the government shutdown to cause all the misery it can, to try to turn it toward the Legislative majority.

But that’s just the beginning.

A highly-placed source with intimate knowledge of Minnesota’s public heath system contacted me over the weekend. (A similar source contacted Janet Beihoffer; she ran the email at Freedom Dogs).   My source an assortment of high-ranking officials in state public-health agencies and non-profits received the email last week from one Michael Scandrett, a lawyer with the firm of Halleland and Habicht, a term that works in health-care policy consulting.

Accoring to my source, Scandrett’s email said that – I’m paraphrasing, here, so feel free to read the whole thing over at the Dogs – Governor Dayton’s shutdown plan will involve terminating payments to health care providers working with all government programs, as of July 1.

Also according to my source, the email said that the intent of this action appears to be – my source quoted the email – “to create create the greatest possible pain and resulting pressure on the Legislature to resolve the dispute“.

In other words, the Governor is using the executive branch to ratchet up the pain of the shutdown on the state’s workers and those dependent on the state – his supporters – to feed his mania with raising taxes at all costs.

I’ll be seeking comment from Mr. Scandrett, as well as other top DHS officials on this email.

The upshot, though?  If you depend on the state of Minnesota – as an employee or as a client – Governor Dayton is holding you hostage.

15 thoughts on “Dayton’s Smoking Guns – Gun #2

  1. Why go sifting through private emails to confirm the obvious? Democrats and government bureaucrats have been unabashedly using the Washington Monument strategy for decades — when Republicans propose budget or program cuts, Dems threaten the public with the direst consequences and the loss of highly popular government services.

    The only mystery is why Republicans still get caught playing Charlie Brown every time Lucy drops the football.

  2. Dayton must be taking the wrong kind of anti-depressants if he thinks he’s going to win this one. For the first time in my short political life it looks like the state and national Republicans have grown a frickin spine

  3. Also, how can people that depend on the state be considered non-essential. Maybe Lori Swanson will investigate… wait nevermind.

  4. Well Scott, the last time Minnesota government “shut down” all of those “non-essential personnel” got paid retroactively when it started back up again. So they essentially got paid for not working. An ideal AFSCME outcome.

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  6. I know the main stream media will never print any of this info or the info from Janet Beihoffer from 6-12-11 or from Derek Brigham on 6-11-11. But shouldn’t the news media such as 1280 the Patriot radio station and KTLK FM be receiving this and reporting this? If this was a Republican governor, this information would be front page on the Pioneer Press and Strib yesterday as well as all around the U.S. on CNN and MSNBC. My Plymouth MN House Rep. has told me they are aware of this info but the news media will not print it. If it does not get out there, then you are all preaching to the choir and the real people who need to see this are not getting the message about the insane, unethical things this governor that they think is wonderful is doing. I have tried letters to the editor. They do not get published. How can we get this info broadcasted? It needs to be SOON and OFTEN!

  7. MLG send me and every active MOB member a PDF, we will print it. Also talk to mitch and see if you can fast track it to Ed’s HotAir site. Then it will catch fire.

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