Dayton’s Smoking Guns – Gun #1

This email – purportedly from a State Department of Human Services employee – surfaced over the weekend, and has been making the rounds of the conservative blogs in Minnesota:

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In other words, if the leak is accurate, Dayton has been inducing the government shutdown for the DFL’s political gain.  He’s sandbagged the budget process to try to beat on the GOP.

Dayton, if this checks out, is holding state goverment workers, schools, the U and our state university system, those that depend on government for health care, and the entire state government hostage…

…to pursue his curious mania for raising taxes on the not-very-“rich”, to try to whip up the forces of class envy to his, and his cronies’, benefit, and to defend a an unsustainable status quo.

And you know what else?

I think I may have happened upon an even bigger, more damning smoking gun.

Tomorrow morning at 7AM on Shot In The Dark.

15 thoughts on “Dayton’s Smoking Guns – Gun #1

  1. After watching how the dominant media culture in the cities and the state are treating the shutdown issue, can you blame him? The reality is that the free media (better known here as the Pardon the Redundancy media) will totally blame the Republicans.
    Where has the dead-tree or electronic media or others pointed out the A Bitter Minnesota group currently running ads is nothing but a Dayton front group? That the budget is in deficit only because the states HAL9000 budget computer says it is?
    Give Dayton some credit, he knows the media is in his hip pocket and that the victim story packages (as RickDFL might say – OhNoes! A state park might be closed when I go to take a weekend camping trip!! The Horror!!) are being readied right now.

  2. If you know anyone who works for the government, you know how political (left wing) gov’t is. It’s amazing to compare real world jobs with gov’t jobs.

    I know a guy who quite his job working for the Univ of Minnesota because all the staff meetings were just Democrat political rallies.

  3. Why do people think that the Dems would benefit more from a shutdown than the Republicans? I say shut her down until Christmas, by then Dayton will be in Hazleden for SURE.

  4. Putting the pieces together:

    1) Dayton wanting $4 *magical-compromise-with-one-participant* no $2 billion for reasons he won’t share with legislators;
    2) Dayton putting out a plan to get this money (scapegoat the top 2% income tax payers), a plan that hasn’t worked for anyone else;
    3) Dayton forbidding his commissioners to communicate with legislators;
    4) Dayton inviting legislators to negotiation meetings and then skipping them;
    5) Dayton putting on dog and pony shows at what should be union bargaining meetings;
    6) Dayton negotiating with ads instead of negotiating with legislators;

    makes it pretty obvious that the “government shutdown and then blame it on the Republicans” is Governor Mark Daytons “brain child”.

  5. Ben Says: “Why do people think that the Dems would benefit more from a shutdown than the Republicans? I say shut her down until Christmas, by then Dayton will be in Hazleden for SURE.”

    At the end of the day I think the Dems will own the shutdown. And I still think Mad Mark will become a complete dribble cup before Labor Day.

    “When will the Unions turn on him?”

    As soon as they run out of severance money.

  6. You may be interested to know that there has been no national government in Belgium for one year as of today. And there’s no (let’s repeat that… NO) indication that the world is coming to an end for Belgians.

  7. GR8 JOB, Mitch!!! This morning, I got information on another piece of the GR8 Dayton Shutdown Caper & posted it here. When the pieces of the puzzle start coming together, things become rather obvious.

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