Reality: Bent to Fit While You Wait!

GeeEmInEm at TvM forecasts:

In a reprise of the 1992 campaign, get ready to hear about the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Also, expect to see the return of the Fairness Doctrine titled “the Freedom Act of 2009” -or perhaps the subject of a book, “It Takes A Village To Decide What Each Villager Can and Can Not Say”.

1 thought on “Reality: Bent to Fit While You Wait!

  1. If Obama or Hillary wins in November, look for the Patriot Act to be renamed ‘The Protecting American Children Act’ or something like that. It has too many goodies in it for the dems to repeal it (as we’ve seen).
    The only thing they don’t like about it is the word ‘Patriot’.

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