Noted In Passing

I got this via email today (I’ll keep the sender anonymous, unless the sender wants their identity made public); I’ve added emphasis:

As for the latest gusset plate findings, the original I35W bridge design and it’s approval seem to coincide with the peak of Minnesota political power of Nick Coleman Sr.  [the columnist’s father, and former Minnesota legislative leader] If you really want to P.O. “Nickboy” you can refer to the collapsed I35W bridge and “the Nick Coleman Senior collapse I35W bridge”.


Although that’d be kind of below the belt; Nick Senior wasn’t any more an engineer than his son is. 

(Or any less a “journalist”, if we presume that the elder Coleman wouldn’t have been publicity-hungry, or dumb, enough to have blamed politicians for disaster before he knew any empirical facts).

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  1. Heh is right. That would explain why Coleman’s attacks have been so personal. And here I was wanting to blame Karl Rolvaag….

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