Since the left’s been jumping up and down about the low turnout at the Tea Party rally (on a windy, freezing day in an off year after an epic conservative victory) I figured it’d be fun to show a really dead movement.

This is the last “Million Mom March” event in Minneapolis a few years back:

More camera people than “Moms”.

Now that’s a dead movement.

7 thoughts on “Decay

  1. The MSM and MPR would tightly frame the shot, break into programming, and call out a new alert for the “event”. I think that might be Heather wearing the flat cap.

  2. C’mon Mitch!

    You know darn well that on that day, Target was giving out free samples of gummy worms!

  3. From my lame blog

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2011
    The 03-08-11 International Women’s Day was a flop here.
    Suppose lefties had an event and no one showed up? That happened locally yesterday, Tuesday 03-08-11. The Google banner for the day was customized and clicking on it linked to the 100th anniversary of “International Woman’s Day. They had what looked like a Java webpage that said that the location of local events. One was a “hands across rivers” events. Locally, it was the Twin Cities, MN at the LakeStreet/Marshall Av “peace Bride” which have admittedly peaceful demonstrations that started the day of the local Kathleen Ann Soliah/Sara Jane Olson arrest in June 1999.

    Read the Star Tribune story on the event and the comment I posted below. (hint: If you are having an event, state the date, don’t assume people know this.)

    My posted comment:

    Google had a banner today on the event and a link to a page on the gathering here and elsewhere. Nowhere on this page did it say what date these events were supposed to happen. I had to Google a bit to determine that it was for March 08, 2011. …… One site listed for a gathering on Tuesday afternoon was the Lake Street/Marshall “Peace Bridge”. …… At 4PM Tuesday two people with a homemade sign on the “event”. After shopping and seeing the “snow mountain” by the State Capital I headed across the bridge at five minutes to five PM. Two more people with a professionally made banner. Four people is not enough to form a “human chain” across the river. … (hint: It helps to list the date of an event on a webpage announce an event!)

  4. CSM is and was always an astroturf movement, trying hard to simulate being a grassroots one.

    In the short run, appearances can be more important than reality; in the long run — as long as the other side is watching — it’s the other way around.

    GOCRA, right now, is in a rebuilding stage, and if it once again becomes the nexus of a grassroots movement — that’s undecided, at the moment — come 2015, if the stars (trans: the lege and the Governor’s office) align themselves, the movement will, once again, leave the antis in the dust, wondering what it was that hit them.

    We’ll see.

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