Primary Symptoms

The “bad” news:  yesterday’s New Hampshire primary clarified nothing.

The good news:  yesterday’s New Hampshire primary clarified nothing.

On the right side, frankly, the fact that the GOP race is wilder and woolier than ever is a good thing; if I have anything to say about it, it’ll draw people out in droves on Super Tuesday, especially to the Minnesota caucuses.  For reasons I’ve elaborated before, I’m glad to see McCain resurging, although I’m nowhere close to deciding who I want as a candidate yet.
As to the Dem side – more of the same.  Much, much more.

With the almost-irrational hype over Obama this past few weeks. I was starting to wonder if Obama wasn’t close to re-capturing the woozy hype of the Kennedy clan – the style-and-appearance-over-substance delusions that impelled a generation of Americans to vote for a slate of hug toys.  An irrational America is an America that listens to the Doors and thinks Abby Hoffman is groovy and that Kathleen Soliah is a solid citizen.  So I’m deliriously happy to see that rumors of Hillary’s demise are premature, and her semi-trailer full of negatives is still solidly in the race.

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  1. Now Terry, don’t be mean to Bush. At least when the Bushies do waterboarding the subject survives.

  2. You think Ted Kennedy and Laura Bush ever talk about the people they killed while driving?

  3. And Mitch, you’re even considering voting for Maverick McCain who opposes a little frat prank like waterboarding?

    Go ahead and give rights to the Islamo-Fascists if you want.

    Rudy’s only question is whether to plunger ’em before or after their pipes are full.

  4. With the almost-irrational hype over Obama this past few weeks.

    I’m just curious why the qualifier “almost” was included in that phrase. Is that because there are still people who are supporting Dennis Kuchinich and Ron Paul?

  5. “You think Ted Kennedy and Laura Bush ever talk about the people they killed while driving?”

    I don’t get it, AC. Even if you assume the worst about the LB car accident, Republicans didn’t elect her to the US Senate. It would also show that she had an incredible sense of timing. Fighter pilots call the kind of hit she made a ‘reflex shot’, when it’s made on purpose. It’s very difficult.
    All Kennedy had to do was drive off a bridge & hold the victim’s head underwater for a few moments.
    Watching Ted Kennedy testify about the terrible way water boarding made people feel they were drowning was great ironic theater. As a clown that should tickle your funny bone.
    I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind people that good ol’ Teddy was expelled from Harvard for cheating. Because it’s not mentioned often enough.

  6. I’m just curious why the qualifier “almost” was included in that phrase.

    Because I think that while it may be over-the-top and irrational, there is a directed reasoning behind it. Huge swathes of the media want Obama. To that point of view, Obie is a Kennedy-like figure, and there is nothing the left has ever wanted more than a Second Coming of Kennedy.

  7. Mitch, the American people want Change. They need Change. They deserve Change. They crave Change with all of the passion a St. Paul City Council member devotes to power.

    Obama will lead us to a New Day in America. A splendiferous dawn of roiling, fulminating Change. A bright, shining super nova of Change that will eclipse all which went before it, and engulf the very fabric of society.

    Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop! It’ll soon be here!

  8. Will it be *here*? And how *will* it compare with before?

    And I’m looking for an update on Yesterday’s whereabouts.

  9. Meanwhile, after flirting with the Mormon and the Catholic, looks like the Repubicans are gonna give it to a – wait for it – white protestant guy. Angryclown is amazed. You guys aren’t racist. Much.

  10. looks like the Repubicans are gonna give it to a – wait for it – white protestant guy.

    You can determine this after only 1 caucus and 2 primaries? You should move to Vegas and be a bookie. You could be the world’s richest clown and have titanium core , gold plated seltzer bottles and diamond encrusted size 37 shoes.

  11. When he is president, Obama will create a new Federal Department of the Future, and merge it with the Treasury to make a Department of Change. In a bold embrace of retro-futurism it will be headquartered in Brasilia and will be staffed by Esperanto speaking robots.
    A new new Elite, calling themselves the Children of the Future, will be formed. They will act as dragomen between ourselves (the Children of the Past), and the Brasilian robocrats when we need to apply for subsistence payments, healthcare benefits, or if we need to break a twenty.

  12. And how *will* it compare with before?
    It will be different. That’s what change is, silly.

    And I’m looking for an update on Yesterday’s whereabouts.
    Yesterday’s gone.

    Why do I have this sudden urge to start doing The Macarena?

  13. Repubicans are gonna give it to a – wait for it – white protestant guy.

    In other equally-shocking news:
    * The Scottish Labour party nominated a Scots Presbyterian
    * the Polish Czonszervativek party tabbed a Polish Catholic
    * The Social Demcrats in Japan are nominating a Japanse Shinto

    What is the common thread behind these shocking stories? Other than “white protestants/scots presbyterians/polish catholics/japanese shintos being the majorities and the largest blocs of voters in the US, Scotland, Poland and Japan?

    Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Why, it’d be as if the Democrats nominated a blueblood and token woman/fembot.

  14. And now for something completely different…

    will be staffed by Esperanto speaking robots.

    The Esperanto was one of the fastest, best handling cars in Grand Theft Auto 3.

  15. Chad said: “Catholicism is a race? Sweet. Let’s get some affirmative action cranked up pronto. After that, we can talk about reparations… ”

    First you gotta pay off all those altar boys. Then we’ll talk.

  16. It seems that Obama’s only qualifications are that he supports Change and is optimistic. I am going to apply for CEO of my company. I’ll tell the board that I have no experience, but I am optimstic. And we need Change. There, I’m sure to get hired for the job.

    So we’re talking religion? Isn’t Obama a member of the UCC? Isn’t that like being a Unitarian? Which is like being an atheist who wants something to do on Sunday mornings?

  17. Terry, funny.

    Actually I should fact-check myself on Obama’s current religion. There are several similiar sounding churches and I may have them mixed up.

  18. Thought you guys were saying Obama’s secretly Muslim.

    Oh, and here’s a rumor you can spread to your pals in South Carolina: Obama fathered two black children!

  19. Gee, for a bunch non-racists you sure seem to get nervous anytime a black guy asks for change.

  20. Gee, you sure know a lot of racist jokes. Any black faces under the greasepaint at your local Clown Club?

  21. Is he Black? What makes him “Black”? Last I heard, his mother was sleeping with an African diplomate 9 months before Obama was born, hence his darker then average skin hue. But does that make him any different then other world travelers who were educated in elite boarding schools?

  22. Blacks are less then 3% of Honolulu’s population. Caucasians are over 20%. Tuition at Punahou school is currently over $15,000 year.

  23. Terry, a lot of private schools that used to be reasonably priced now charge over $15,000 per year.

  24. Aach, it’s impossible to describe the culture of Hawaii in less than a novel-length post. Punahou was founded by missionaries. It has traditionally been a school for the children of the colonial rulers of Hawaii. Hawaii public schools are awful and everyone who can afford to do so sends their kids to a private school, even public school teachers.
    Punahou graduates administer the public school system. They put their own kids in Punahou.

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