Another Convert?

Note:  the first conservative candidate for whom I was ever genuinely active was Jack Kemp, back in 1988.  Kemp, along with Reagan, P.J. O’Rourke and Brett Schundler, is one of my lifetime heroes of conservatism.

GeeEmInEm notes:

Just days after I mourn the absence of a genuine pro-growth candidate in the GOP race, Jack Kemp comes out and endorses John McCain.


While I take the endorsement as an article of faith, I take it nevertheless.

With this field, I’ll take what I can get.

Which, in my case, is “yet another reason to move JMac back onto my short list”.

7 thoughts on “Another Convert?

  1. When I was a youngster growing up on the mean streets of Wisconsin, I saw a car with “Kemp 88” license plates. I remember thinking that I would feel silly with those after he lost the primary.

    I like McCain. For the past 8 years he was a favorite of MSM and Democrats as he would opppose Bush on many things. If he gets the nomination, that may change.

  2. Maverick, again?

    Oh, so what I’ve been seeing here, Mitch, is that the new criteria for a great Republican nominee is one who’s held hands with Ted Kennedy enough to win over the least committed Flip-Flop-okrats over to the GOP?

    What happened to sticking it to the America-haters and poke Obam/ary in the eye?!

    Say it with me, Notre Dame fans . . . RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!

  3. I used to like Kemp until his first vice-presidential debate with Gore in which he declared that he would not go negative in his campaign. Holy Christ, that’s what the VP is supposed to do! He then proceeded to get creamed by Al Gore.

  4. Since McCain is AC’s choice of a Republican candidate, I assume he will reciprocate your McCain-a-mania by starting a ‘Draft Lieberman’ movement.

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