It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, Part CXVII

It was Monday, January 23, 1989.

I woke up on Mark and Bill’s couch, and drove to Northeast Minneapolis.

I hadn’t spent much time up there in the three years I’d lived in the Twin Cities – really, other than watching the occasional band at the occasional bar on Hennepin or Central, I’d never had the occasion to go.  But I dug out my old map, and found the address – just a few blocks off Central, near 34th and Johnson.

The owner – actually owners, a late twentysomething guy and his older brother – and I hit it off perfectly.  He needed a renter now, and I need a place now.  Better, as we talked, we discovered that we had a ton of common acquaintances; they both worked with my old roommate Liz and her boyfriend.

The place was perfect for me – almost the stuff of single-guy dreams.  It was the entire upstairs of a small house; I had a private entrance, a waffleplate stairway that led up the back of the house.  A nice-sized living room with a south exposure, a tiny (hence less-stuff-to-clean) kitchen with a 20 year old fridge and a beat-up gas stove, a cozy little paneled-wall bedroom, and – mirabile dictu – a bathroom of my very own, for the first time in my life.

They said I could have it; I drove directly to a bank branch over by Apache Plaza, grabbed the damage deposit and a month’s rent, and arranged to move in on Monday.

Life started looking up just a bit.

5 thoughts on “It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, Part CXVII

  1. At a time when a landlord in Nordeast needed a tenant, a willing tenant stepped forward
    – that tenant was Mitchell Berg.

    (This could end up being the greatest running gag ever.)

  2. At a time when a commenter got confused between the words “dumper” and “dumpee” another commenter emerged to clarify the confusion.
    -that commenter is LearnedFoot

  3. Just like Basketball, life is a game of runs. Looks like the home team has the ball again, and is ready to make a comeback.

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