To Spike The Ball And Dance Tastelessly In The End Zone

Tomorrow, there’s going to be a special election in Minnesota Senate District 25. Republican Ray Cox is taking on DFLer Kevin Dahle.

Brodkorb has the latest at True North and MDE:

It is worth noting that Republican-endorsed Ray Cox has raised nearly $40,000 (to be exact – $39,885) for the special election in SD 25 this Thursday.

Meanwhile, DFL-endorsed Kevin Dahle may be embarrassed because his fundraising numbers haven’t been posted on the campaign finance board’s website.

Ray Cox is not, as far as I’ve seen, a solid conservative – but he’s the GOPer that’s showed up. Getting conservatives in office is goal #1, of course (for me, at least), but growing the GOP caucus isn’t far behind.

So if you live in District 25 (Map – PDF alert!) – the Rice/LeSeuer County area – you need to get out to the polls Thursday and make sure you vote early and often. Crushing the DFL candidate in the heart of Tim Walz’s district [SD25 is in CD2? Who knew?] would be a great way to kick off the new year.

4 thoughts on “To Spike The Ball And Dance Tastelessly In The End Zone

  1. Actually, Senate District 25 is in Congressional District 2, and of course John Kline is the incumbent there. Your sentiments concerning Tim Walz are right on!

  2. That will be one heckova special election for anyone trying to vote tomorrow, given that the polls are open on Thursday, January 3.

    The senate district includes part of Sibley County, which is in Congressional District 7, where DFLer Collin Peterson is the incumbent. In 2006, Sibley County went solidly for Blue Dog Peterson, while giving Neuville and Brod strong majorities in the state legislative races.

    Two small precincts in the senate district, Elysian and Elysian Twp. P1, are in the First. Walz squeaked past Gutknecht by 3 votes in the Le Sueur County precincts, while Neuville took home a 175-150 victory and Brod captured 179-143.

    And it’s “Le Sueur” County, not “LeSeuer.” Details, details.

  3. Yeah, yeah. I live in Saint Paul. I don’t know that I could find Lewhatever county without a map.

    And thepost was originally supposed to publish tomorrow; hence the election woulda been “tomorrow”, but for a data entry error on my part.

    Chalk it up to New Years.

  4. Yeah, I can’t wait for the election.

    Here are my choices:
    A liberal educator
    A guy who lists Noam Chomsky as a favorite author
    A RINO

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