14 thoughts on “The Real Sports News

  1. Looking forward to pitchers and catchers reporting, too. But in the meantime, there’s a little business to be conducted in the Metroplex in 13 days.

  2. Common exhortations heard in bars for $100, Alex

    “Go, Pack, Go!”

    What is happy hour at the Gay 90’s?

  3. Common exhortations heard in bars for $200, Alex

    “Da Bears!”

    What is happy hour at the Gay 90′s leather bar?

  4. Hmmm. “Da Bears!” doesn’t quite work as well, does it Foot?

    See, “packing” is a activity commonly associated with…oh, nevermind.

    Flippin’ packer fans…

  5. “See, “packing” is a activity commonly associated with…oh, nevermind”

    See, Bears are big fat hairy sweaty mens who parade around at…oh never mind.

  6. And I suppose I should just be thankful that nobody’s drawn “Pitchers” and “Catchers” into this sordid squabble.

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  8. As a state, the blood alcohol content of Wisconsin went up a full point after 5:00 PM yesterday. The only thing worse would have been if the Pack had lost. Either way, there were more than a few employers who had breathalyzers installed next to the time clocks this morning.

  9. I saw it, Mitch, but even *I* didn’t want to touch that.

    Foot, “Go, Pack, Go”; Heh. Heh. Heh……see that’s funny, we laugh. Sweaty hairy mens? BBMFAIL, buckaroo.

  10. Speaking of pitching-and-catching, if I hear that Pro-Life Minnesota (or whatever organization it is) one more time on the Patriot…the one where some old coot (who sounds more like a child molester) asking little Billy “do you bat or do you pitch?”…I’m gonna scream. That old man voice sounds like someone you’d see at a NAMBLA meeting (not that I’d know about that or anything)

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