20 thoughts on “All You Need to Know

  1. On Monday, I stated that as rational adults took command of this situation, it would be the Democrats left standing alone, looking exactly like the smirking, ignorant bufoons they are.

    Didn’t take long.

    The smirking Democrat party took a bloody mass shooting and attempted to turn it into a campaign platform for 2012 by putting the finger on Sarah Palin…this morning, Sarah gave them the finger back.


    As I drove in this morning, I listened as Bill Press fought mightely to get the propeller on his tin-foil hat going backwards…he succeeded only in getting his head to rotate.

    By Friday, all the usual suspects will be standing in the spotlight, modeling their pee pants for the nation to mock. I intend to take full advantage.

  2. Yep, there goes Caribou Barbie engaging in hateful vitriol once again. Perhaps a Democrat Congrescritter can propose a law forbidding her from appearing in public.

  3. This cartoon is just another example of the right-wing media trumping up lies to cover their complicity in creating this monster via hate-speech. (This message brought to you by DG, angryclown, DFLRick, and the rest of the no-mind liberal trolls that pass by this blog)

  4. I saw the photograph on TV of this asshole when it first came out. I sensed immediately that Jared Lee Loughner was a crazy bastard. It didn’t occur to me until hours after I saw the photo that it was especially creepy because it appears the scumbag had shaved off his eyebrows. It’s got me thinking that he’s been planning the crazy loon gambit all along. Make ready the executioners cocktail.

  5. especially creepy because it appears the scumbag had shaved off his eyebrows.

    I Blame Pink Floyd.

  6. So if conservative talk radio caused this guy to shot…….I tuned in to NPR for a short while this afternoon and heard a nasty rant against Governor Palin. So does that mean that state-run radio is trying to incite violence against a leader of the opposition party?

  7. Then there was “Mark Dayton Eyes” by The Guess Who (I think).
    Kim Carnes, Bonnie Tyler, meh. Crap is crap.

  8. For those old enough to remember, the guy’s mug shot looks just like Uncle Fester from The Addams Family TV show.

  9. Boy you wingbaggers are spending a lot of time reassuring yourselves that you’re not evil. (Teabag group hug!) It may take awhile yet.

  10. All I need is a comment from angryclown to let me know exactly who’s evil.
    *glances at angryclown*
    Maximum reassurance. 🙂

  11. Actually we spend a lot of time reassuring ourselves that we are not liberal. Liberal is the same as evil, you know.
    It’s a bit more subtle than Dog Gone reassuring herself that she is not a conservative by mentioning how much she hates fox News, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Limbaugh inappropriately.
    How do you feel about Limbaugh, AC — is he a big huggy bear?

  12. Gas bag the Clown checks in. Nice to see another deranged liberal show up. It was also incredibly predictable that AirHead Minnesota Radio spent their 5-6pm hour yesterday advocating for…more gun control. “Never let a crisis go to waste”

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