If In Saint Paul Tomorrow Wednesday

Governor Dayton, as his first “substantial” act as governor, is going to put the state on the hook for hundreds of millions in permanent entitlement spending in exchange for thirty pieces of silver a short-term federal subsidy.

Twila Brase of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom writes:

On Tuesday, January 4th Wednesday, Januaray 5th at 9:30 a.m. Governor Mark Dayton is holding a special Obamacare signing ceremony to implement the federal law’s Medicaid expansion program.

So why protest?

The Medicaid expansion program funded by $1.4 billion federal taxpayer dollars will cost the State (YOU) $188 million in state taxpayer dollars. Federal dollars eventually disappear leaving Minnesota on the hook for all the newly entitled. The program is expected to increase Minnesota’s Medicaid population by 21% (163,000 people)…Other states have sued to stop the Obamacare Medicaid expansion mandate…Governor Dayton plans to implement it.

If you listen to the media or the leftyblogs, they make it sound like the $1,4 Billion is going to answer a lot of long-term problems.  It’s not – and the DFL and Dayton want to turn the short-term windfall into another never-ending obligation.

Just like they did with every single “surplus” from 1990 to 2002.

The protest will be in the Rotunda Room 130 of the State Capitol, the governor’s Lobby.  Please try to meet in Room 123, right off the Rotunda, by 9:00AM.  .

13 thoughts on “If In Saint Paul Tomorrow Wednesday

  1. For those that won’t be able to attend because they work for a living (99.9% of SITD readers), at the very least, take 5 minutes to call Governot JimBeam’s office and give him a piece of your mind (he needs all he can get).


    Remind him that spending $188 million in the first minutes of his reign of lunacy isn’t what you want.

  2. Hey, we’re already $6 billion in the red. What’s another Billion or so? We’ll just make “the rich” pay their “fair share”. What could go wrong?

  3. Yes I did. I got the usual DFL bubblehead who asked for my name and number (like that would do anything).
    When I asked he how adding another $188 million to the debt is going to help, she said “I have faith and confidence in our governor”. I asked he (several times) why she had faith and confidence in our governor. Her response?
    “I work for him.”
    “Well give me one reason why you have confidence in him.”
    “I just do.”
    “No, that’s not an answer. Give me one example, one solid reason why.”
    “I can’t do that. Can I get your name and number?”
    “I apologize, Ma’am. We have obviously failed you from an education standpoint. I fear for my country.”

    God help us all.

  4. I have emailed my DFL representative and asked her if she can support the new governor’s commitment to Obamacare. I’m not holding my breath for anything less than a 750-word response from her toadie explaining the plight of the children.

  5. This is why I am (kind of) glad Dayton won. It’s the old theory we lost the battle but were going to win the war. We control both houses for the first time in 30+ years and after 4 years of governor Moonshine (sorry I’m sticking with this one), that is, if he even makes it the full four years, we might actually win a majority in the next governors race and will for years watch the DFL implode on itself. Also outside of the inner cities and iron range DFLers, I’d be willing to be 3-5 of them might defect to the IP, which could make things very entertaining in the House and Senate over the next 4 years.

  6. Ben;

    Good points!

    Last year, I mentioned the friends that I have that do a lot of business with the mining companies on the Range. In his un-scientific, but pretty telling personal observations, he reports that the flip to the GOP, even among die hard unionistas, may be at 75% and climbing. The people that he had spoken with re: Chip Cravaack, were thoroughly thrilled that a common sense veteran would now be representing them. In fact, many of the lifetime union members, were impressed. The general theme was that he came out to talk with them, several times, both pre and post election. Oberspend hadn’t done this in decades, except at election time.

  7. I wish I had a common sense veteran representing me. Instead I have a socialist, racist Muslim who represents the DNC. Thanks Minneapolis, you fools.

  8. I called again this morning. Do not let this dim-wit put us another $188 million in the hole before he’s even sucked down his first gin and tonic in the closet.

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