Political Prisoner

Wanna good laugh for the  morning?

Here’s a scan from Henco’s complaint against Joel Rosenberg:

Now, as I’ve ascertained, I’m no lawyer.

But Mark Bennett is.  And he’s got the ultimate write-up, so far, of the Rosenberg case.  It’s over at his blog.

The warrant is for the felony of carrying a firearm in the courthouse. Because carrying a firearm in the courthouse complex is a felony—except for “persons who carry pistols according to the terms of a permit issued under section 624.714 and who so notify the sheriff or the commissioner of public safety, as appropriate“—which, oddly enough, is a category into which Joel neatly fits. And except that the city hall is not really a part of the courthouse complex, but a judge says it is.

The warrant is also for contempt of court because, you see, there was a judge’s order declaring the police station a courthouse (how many legs does a dog have, if a judge says that a tail is a leg?) and barring citizens from carrying firearms there—except that, among other problems, “no sheriff, police chief, governmental unit, government official, government employee, or other person or body acting under color of law or governmental authority may … limit the exercise of a permit to carry.”

Bennett, a defense attorney in Texas, points out the rather odd circumstances of  a judge INSERT A VERB a court order that didn’t even have a charge filled in:

Yes, it is in fact alleged that he DESCRIBE BEHAVIOR in contempt of the Hennepin County Juvenile Court. Now, I ask you: can we really have people like Joel Rosenberg going around DESCRIBE BEHAVIOR? I say not, and I say we should DESCRIBE KANGAROO PROCEDURE and then DESCRIBE BIZARRE AND PAINFUL PUNISHMENT them.

I don’t ordinarily pick on other people’s judges—Texas being a target-rich environment—but what kind of Ruben-Guerrero judge is Janet Poston, to sign an arrest warrant based on the allegation that someone has DESCRIBE BEHAVIOR? She didn’t even bother to read the papers.


So Rosenberg will sit in jail dealing with his health problems, and Rosenberg will fight the case, and Rosenberg will win the case. And, before all is said and done, Sergeant Palmer’s little self-esteem-fluffing exercise will cost the city a pretty penny.

Read the whole thing.

And I hope that when Joel’s lawsuit is over he has the City of Minneapolis by the DESCRIBE A TENDER PIECE OF ANATOMY, and walks out with DESCRIBE ABSURD AMOUNT OF MONEY.

16 thoughts on “Political Prisoner

  1. Undoubtedly signed by a woman judge.

    “Why are you mad at me? What did I do?”

    “I don’t have to tell you, you know what you did.”

  2. I’m not sure (Diarrhea Stool would know), but I don’t think an MPD copper has ever been disciplined for having accrued monetary damages to the city through his or her unlawful, egregious thug behavior. As far as can be discerned by the continuing thug behavior, they haven’t been told to stop.

    It’d be interesting to see the tally for the past five years; I’d bet my next paycheck the amount far exceeds the amount Sharing and Caring Hands spent feeding and sheltering poor children during the same time.

    Why does MPD hate poor children and make them starve?

  3. In all seriousness, I hope that Joel sues the holy living shit out of MPD, the city and the copper that started the ball rolling.

    If he has a defense fund, be sure to post it Mitch.

  4. Did anyone else notice it says he wa in contempt of Hennipen County Juvenile Court? I’m pretty sure Joel is over 18.

  5. If he has a defense fund, be sure to post it Mitch.

    To quote that most respected of Twin Cities bloggers, “Developing . . .”

  6. How do we get the local media to cover this, somehow if this was a liberal activist jailed for shady and unclear reasons methinks the local media would be all over it. Mitch you better talk about this tomorrow on the NARN

  7. and Scott I don’t think impeachment goes far enough, he should be barred and possibly prosecuted for judicial misconduct.

  8. Too bad we don’t have a system where judges that sign or allow such petitions aren’t at least suspended and sent to remedial reading classes.

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  10. She’s got the liberat tri-fecta going there; a female, former teacher, lawyer and judge.

    With her husband being a retired Navy CPO, I’ll be there are some interesting discussions around that dinner table.

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