What A Difference Six Years Makes!

Paul Schmelzer at the Mindy doesn’t address rumors that the Soros-supported “news” front is about to change its name to “Dump Bradlee Dean” – but he does give lots of Xs and Os to the new “loose mores blow up stores” campaigns at Walmart and the Mall:

Today Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Walmart’s participation, according to a DHS press release. The nation’s largest retailer will have 230 stores participating immediately, with as many as 588 eventually taking part. The Mall of America’s participation was announced last week; it’ll be joined by “the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Amtrak, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, sports and general aviation industries, and state and local fusion centers across the country.”

The expanded campaign, unveiled at a mall ceremony last week, will include print and video advertisements throughout the complex.

So – posting terror warnings in public places is good?

Well, now that it’s a Democrat!  Let’s go back a few years:

During the 2004 elections, Kiffmeyer made national headlines when she decided to post terrorist warning signs at polling places throughout Minnesota urging voters to be wary of people appearing at precincts with “shaved head[s] or short hair” who “smell of unusual herbal/flower water or perfume,” wear baggy clothing or appear to be whispering to themselves.

So when Janet Napolitano tells you to watch out for those crazy neighbors (especially if they’re tax protesters, second amendment people, pro-lifers or Tea Partiers, naturally), it’s a good thing, but when a Republican does it…

…well, we all know how it works, don’t we?

10 thoughts on “What A Difference Six Years Makes!

  1. hey…remember when Bush 41 compromised with Democrats on tax increases, and then the Democrats used it against him (Bush lied about not raising taxes)….if Republicans have no standards, we would now do the same against Barry for meeting us on the issue.

    No. I cannot do that. I have morals.

  2. “They might as well ask us to be on the lookout for drug addled dim-wits at DFL rallies!”

    You wouldn’t have to look any farther than the podium when Mad Mark takes the stage.

  3. Having attended a DFL caucus I can assure you that you don’t have to go to all the trouble of attending a rally to encounter the dim-wit element.

  4. I know a hard core Democrat who can’t stand the dim-wits at his party events. The ones that go and make very long statements about some really minor issue. And go on and on and on.

    I say it is because the left expects Mother Government to solve every problem they have, no matter how trivial.

  5. “So when Janet Napolitano tells you to watch out for those crazy neighbors…”

    The southern border is a leaking sieve of violence and crime and this POS is spending millions of our money so neighbor can watch neighbor, INCREDULOUS!

    Truly, Rome burns while Nero fiddles.

  6. My wife saw someone with a baby pig down at the Walmart. She did a double take. The mom had a three year old sitting in the cart and a baby pig in the cart’s infant seat.
    You won’t see that at Nordstrom’s.

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