Here’s Another Prediction

Florida will see the biggest slime-attack of its entire history…

…against Jennifer Carroll.

Carroll, a native of Trinidad, a retired Navy Lieutenant-Commander, a mother of three, an immigrant from Trinidad, and a conservative, is Rick Scott’s new running mate on the Florida GOP gubenatorial ticket.

Oh, yeah; she’s of African descent:

“Jennifer Carroll is the embodiment of the American dream. She came to America as a young girl, decided to serve her country with the United States Navy, pursued a higher education, started a small business, and then was elected the first African-American female Republican in the Florida Legislature,” said Scott, who launched a new website featuring his new running mate (

“Her conservative principles are in line with mine, and this fall we will present a clear choice between conservatives with business experience and a plan to create 700,000 jobs and liberal Obamacrats who want to bring the failed Obama agenda to Florida,” Scott said in a statement to his supporters.

Ms. Carroll looks to be a very, very sharp candidate.

Look for a Democratic smear campaign painting her as stupid, unaccomplished and, most likely, racist; look for at least one “Auntie Tom” reference from a C-list pseudo-celebrity.

She’s the thing the left fears most; an apostate.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s Another Prediction

  1. Two good things are coming out of the Obama era.

    A Conservative awakening.

    A crack in the thought that all Minorities need to be advocates of the Welfare State.

  2. jpmn

    There is a young, black female, Keesha Roberts, that won the District 22 (TX) primary. She is, pehaps problematically, a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat, but she is running on an “Impeach Obama” and more private sector jobs platform.

  3. bh, So What? I was referring to Conservative Minorities not to Minorities who leave the Democratic party for something equally as bad.

    Cynthia McKinney ran as a Green Party Candidate in the 08 election as well but she is not an example of what I want to see from people leaving the Democratic party.

    I don’t know what grounds we have to Impeach Obama on. Nor do I know that it would do the nation any good. Biden would be President, he would select another leftist as VP. Some of the cabinet would change but everyone leaving would be replaced by people equally as leftist.

    The NAACP is lashing out at the tea party just as they lashed out against Bush. People will eventually see that they are more of an advocate for the Welfare state than they are advocates for (NAA) “Colored People”. That is bound to come back and hurt their credibility.

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