The Powers That Be

Eric Pusey at Minnesota “Progressive” Project complains about John Kline:

Kline is notorious for rarely if ever appearing in public.  Kline only appears at events where the contact is either with pre-screened, conservative-only audiences or the questions are screened in advance.  Kline doesn’t debate.

Either do Keith Ellison – a prickly little man who can’t tolerate dissent – or Betty McCollum, who would be overmatched  debating Anna Nicole Smith.

Pusey is writing on behalf of “Powers“, the DFL’s endorsed victim in the 2nd CD.  Powers, a construction worker who beat Shelly Madore in the “unified” DFL in the 2nd CD, is on his way to getting maybe 30% this November.

“Plus, we’re getting lots of hits on our website after every parade or event,” he continued.  “People are checking me out further after they first meet me.”

To be honest, I’d like to see debates in every district for every race – but I can see why Kline doesn’t take the chance in a district where he has a crushing advantage, in a city where the media will wrench everything he says out of context.

Not sure that Ellison and McCollum have the same excuse…

5 thoughts on “The Powers That Be

  1. What really is there for Kline to debate? Powers does not list any position on any issues on his official campaign website while Kline’s are pretty well known. It seems to me that Powers problem is that he is an unknown whose campaign has not said that he is for anything other than “unseating John Kline” which is unlikely to help him win in 2CD.

  2. To be honest, I’d like to see debates in every district for every race – but I can see why Powers doesn’t take the chance against Madore. I read online that he dodged her before the convention, and now his staff has turned down an invitation to have Alan Miller moderate one and televise it.

    Not only would the DFL benefit from the coverage, but Powers could surely use the practice. He’s a rookie with no debate experience (no doubt why he’s scared to face Madore) and Kline will eat him for lunch just like he did with Sarvi, Rowley, and Daly – all great people, but none of them had the punch to take on a veteran legislator on issues.

  3. Powers won’t get that much now that the STRIB has revealed be bluffed the DFL delegates – he told them he was a small businessman, but it turns out he was on unemployment for an extended period. Asked why his newer venture wasn’t working his campaign manager explained that solar heating hadn’t come of age yet in 2009. Powers couldn’t sell solar in 2009, but he sold the DFLers on his viability as a Kline challenger? How gullible are those delegates?


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