Your Education Dollars At Work: Bun In Summer School, Part I

Bun’s in summer school getting caught up on some various credits.

One of her classes is history.   She’s relating to me that her history teacher has some unique views on American history, recent and past.

We’ve had five black presidents, doncha know: Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Harding and Coolidge were all afro-American.

Value Judgments:  White students are worth the least of any students in the public school system; while he was apparently vague on the overall hierarchy, he said that Ethiopian and Somali students are “worth more”, in terms of getting funding.

People are “disregarding their blackness” to “reap white benefits”: The teacher has cited the “one drop rule” – people with “even a drop” of black blood, so says the teacher, are black – and disregard their “blackness” only for the swag, apparently.

Minorities have no rights:  He didn’t elaborate.

Katrinariffic:  The teacher told the class that the government “may have blown up” the levees in the poor black neighborhoods of New Orleans.  He also said that White New Orleans put police on the bridge between Black and White New Orleans to send black refugees back to their deaths, as white people sat on the levees and watched the black people die.  He apparently did an impersonation, in a “white trash” voice; “Hey, Bill, grab me a brewski; that n***er is trying to swim”.   Because, says the teacher, “Black people as a rule can’t swim”.

Obama Yoot:  They’re doing a packet from Ebony Magazine; the first one is called “A Child’s View/A Young Man’s View/An Elder’s View” of Obama; it was their considered opinion that most people who didn’t vote for Obama were motivated by race.  The class is also supposed to write whether they do or don’t agree with Obama.  Bun say she’s feeling just a tad intimidated.

Obviously he’s a conservative, huh?

I’ll be doing a daily log.

19 thoughts on “Your Education Dollars At Work: Bun In Summer School, Part I

  1. Been there, done that.

    My younger son’s 3rd grade teacher had 5 books on the reading list for the month. All 5 were “girls good, boys bad.” I made an appointment, carefully went over them with her and the principal, and said, “I think you need some balance in this curriculum to address boys’ needs.” Naturally both women disagreed and we discussed the issue for about a half hour until I gave up and said that I’d be going to the school board with the issue, at which point they looked horrified and said they’d “study” the issue (we weren’t in a totally in-the-bag-for-the-unions city like St. Paul).

    Lo and behold, about a week later the reading list changed to something more gender neutral and stayed that way for the rest of the year.

    And the next year we switched to Catholic schools. Still socially liberal, but at least not anti-boy.

  2. You need to equip that child with a tape recorder, or better yet, a pen-cam.

    It’s not every day one gets to record the common dim-witted moonbat in it’s natural environment. Make for a really fun school board meeting, too!

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  4. Crap like that is akin to mental assault.

    Hello School Board.

    I’d better start going to Mass again so I can get the kids into the local Catholic school….

  5. This is the sort of teacher that teh peevee spent his schoolboy years polishing knobs, er, apples for.

  6. Ya know, bias in itself is bad enough, but tell me why exactly we should tolerate teachers spouting off nonsense like that? It’s not like there is a serious debate in sober circles about the race of Lincoln or Jefferson.

    I think Bun should bring a voice recorder to school under the pretext of it helping her to take notes. If this kind of nonsense is typical of this teacher, he needs to go before he causes more trouble.

  7. Hey Mitch,

    Maybe I could sneak in the class and provide some commentary? I love doing this. Is she doing this at the U or Normandale?

  8. bubbasan, most non-Apple mp3 players will record voice messages so it doesn’t have to be obvious at all.

    Of course, you can be obvious about it, too. I’ve done it both ways since MN is a one-party recording consent state, but pointing out that you’re recording something generally gets you more respectful treatment in any case.

  9. Apple! How I hate them!
    My wife got a 30″ Apple monitor from her friend. It won’t won’t work with PC’s (cable is weird and non-compatible with PC video cards).
    Back it goes!

  10. Yet more evidence, were any needed, of the importance of getting and keeping your kids out of the gubamint skoolz.

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