Minor Surprise

This story caught me just a tad off-guard:

Minnesota’s largest teachers union has thrown its support behind Democrat Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s campaign for governor.

Education Minnesota endorsed Kelliher on Saturday after a yearlong search.

Normally I’d say “after a year-long search for what – someone who could spell?”, but this year is a little different.  Matt Entenza founded MN2020 in large part to curry favor with public employees unions (leading to hatchet jobs like last  year’s jihad against charter schools, which beggared fact but, one would suspect, buffed his cred with the MFT.

I’m going to guess that the union chose long-term political infrastructure over short-term favor-banking.

I thought this was an interesting statement:

Union president Tom Dooher said in a news release that Kelliher shares the union’s determination to create an education funding system that is sustainable and sufficient.


Achievement gap?  Minority dropout rates?  Bad math and science scores?

No.  Stable funding is the priority.

3 thoughts on “Minor Surprise

  1. Funding is the only priority for Education Minnesota. How many times have you heard the phrase “fully funded”? Have you ever, ever heard a figure at which this is accomplished?

  2. Has anyone EVER heard ANY union spokesman EVER say “fully funded”?

    Tom Emmer should write an open letter to Tom Dooher and ask “Just how much is “enough”? Provide NUMBERS please.”

  3. I was surprised to see that front page article in the Sunday Strib on education and Minnesota. Don’t usually see the Strib taking a shot at a fellow team member like that.

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