Covid Theatre

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Testing reveals the Covid virus is spreading rapidly throughout the state; therefore, we must lock down again to prevent a Surge of Covid cases resulting in a huge number of hospitalizations which will overwhelm the medical system, leaving patients to die untreated in hallways and parking lots.  So claims the Walz Administration.

Someone should tell the Star Tribune.  As of last week, they reported:

” . . . 614 Minnesota hospital beds were filled with COVID-19 patients, including 149 who needed intensive care . . . Minnesota hospitals still have intensive care capacity, though, with 1,028 of 1,467 immediately available ICU beds filled with patients who have COVID-19 or other unrelated medical problems.”

We have 400 ICU beds immediately available for all comers, not just Covid patients.  The “immediately” is important, because in his second press conference announcing the extension of the two-week Stay Home Order, Governor Walz admitted we had the ability to ramp up to 3,000 ICU rooms within 72 hours. 

Unless something has changed that the Walz administration won’t talk about, we are using 149 of 3,000 ICU beds for Covid patients DESPITE the virus spreading rapidly throughout the state. There is no evidence of a Surge and even if there were, the medical system has plenty of excess capacity to serve it.

There is no medical reason for the lock down. End it now.

Joe Doakes

Pretty sure it’s all about showing the peasants who’s boss.

Your Lying Eyes

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Whenever we discuss election fraud, Liberals are quick to point out the lack of convictions.  No convictions = no fraud.  They are using the wrong measurement and therefore reach an incorrect conclusion.

To obtain a conviction for voter fraud, the County Attorney must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a specific individual cast a specific ballot with full knowledge that it was against the law to do so.  That’s a high burden and in cases of massive fraud, would take years to clear up all the trials plus it would cost a fortune. No prosecutor wants to spend time and money on paper crimes over violent crimes.
In contrast, to find election fraud, we look for evidence that not all of the ballots were legitimate. A ballot cast by a person who’s been dead for years, cannot be legitimate, and there were lots of them cast.  A normal voter marks most of the races.  A ballot that only marks one race, a highly contested race, is not normal.  Is it possible that it’s a valid vote?  Sure, but when you get tens of thousands of them, all voting for a single race, all voting for the same candidate, the candidate who was losing until those ballots showed up . . . you begin to wonder.

Further evidence that not all ballots were legitimate comes when we see the supposedly neutral election officials violating established procedural safeguards. Election judges count ballots while poll watchers observe. Both sides having poll watchers is a quality control measure to ensure fairness.  But when the election officials kick out poll watchers but only one side’s watchers are expelled, that increases the likelihood of fraud.   

Ballots delivered to the polling place in an unusual manner, at unusual times, raises doubt about the legitimacy of those ballots.  Backdated ballots cannot be legitimate.  When the voting software incorrectly assigns votes to one candidate, always to the losing candidate, across several states, that’s an indication of fraud. 

Ridiculously high voter turnout (in some cases 200%) but only in select counties, is a red flag. 

Finally, the distribution of tallied votes can be mathematically analyzed using established formulas which have been used to detect election fraud in other elections.  The science shows likely fraud in key places.

Does this prove there was serious and widespread election fraud?  It does for me.  There’s just too much evidence to ignore.  If I had a Facebook account, I’d be changing my background.

Joe Doakes

The hard part, of course, is proving it in court, in blue states where the election laws were written to protect ballot-stuffing.

The real answer, of course, will be to take the Presidency in 2024, and clean out the leadership at the DOJ, and then go after Blue city election authorities the same way they went after Klan-run boards in the sixties and seventies.

You Have Questions. They Have No Answers.

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Governor Walz, I have some questions.

In your press conference announcing the Stay Home order, you said the
Covid virus would kill 75,000 Minnesotans if we did nothing but only
50,000 if we implemented the strictest lock-down.  We needed to do that
to ‘flatten the curve’ so ICU rooms wouldn’t be overwhelmed.  Two weeks
later, you announced we had ramped up ICU rooms from 235 to 3,000 but we
still needed ventilators, which were on back-order.

Since then, we’ve been in continuous lock-down and now have the mask
mandate but ICU rooms are not overwhelmed with Covid cases; indeed,
hospitals are closing their doors for lack of patients.

Your administration gives daily briefings on the spread of Covid cases
and daily reported deaths as if these were bad things.  But weren’t they
part of the plan all along?  We locked down to Slow the spread, not to
Eliminate the spread.  We knew people would die, we just wanted them to
die more slowly.  Your plan is working perfectly.  Why aren’t you happy?

Which brings up the next point: when do you anticipate the lock-down
will end?  Right now, closings and quarantines seem to be based on case
rates, not ICU rates.  I understand that in theory, more cases could
lead to more ICU admissions which could overwhelm the system; but so
far, the statistics show that’s not happening.  We have plenty of excess
ICU bed capacity.

If all goes according to plan, eventually, everybody in the state will
have Covid but most of them will neither display symptoms nor require
hospitalization.  Is that what you’re waiting for?  If so, shouldn’t we
speed up the process by lifting all restrictions now?

Joe Doakes

It’s neither about science nor logic.

But Joe knows this.


Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Last week, Dictator-for-Life Walz assured us rising numbers of Covid cases was due to 18-35 year olds not following appropriate mask and social distance procedures. He issued Executive Order 20-96 which limited gatherings to 10 people for two weeks, then 50 people for two more weeks, then 25 people thereafter. That Order was based on SCIENCE.

This week, he changed it to zero. No gatherings for four weeks. This Order also was based on SCIENCE.

What changed about the SCIENCE? The Governor says:

“I recently issued Executive Order 20-96, which placed limits on the social gatherings and establishments that posed the most serious concern according to MDH data. In the week since, MDH has confirmed over 30 additional outbreaks connected to the gatherings, bars, and restaurants that were encompassed by Executive Order 20-96. Unfortunately, these numbers, our statewide cases, hospitalization rates, and our levels of community spread demonstrate that a temporary dial back on in-person social activity and restrictions on certain businesses are necessary.”

Okay, so we’ve identified the problem and it’s 18-35 year olds going to social gatherings in bars and restaurants. But then what does this mean:

“Minnesota’s rate of “community spread”—meaning those cases that MDH cannot link to another case or a source of exposure—is particularly concerning. At least one third of all new COVID-19 infections in Minnesota have no known source.”

and also:

“Minnesota is currently averaging over 100 cases per 100,000 residents each day. These numbers tell a troubling story. The virus is everywhere, meaning that every interaction we have with people outside of our households poses a risk of transmission. When we cannot effectively trace infections due to community spread, we cannot keep COVID-19 out of our businesses, our schools, or the congregate care facilities that house our most vulnerable residents.”

So . . . last week, we knew enough to leave everything open with some limits. Today we don’t know anything so we must lock down everything even though the virus is everywhere and nothing we’ve tried to stop it, has done anything.

The evidence does not support the conclusion.

I’m starting to get the impression Kevin Roche at Healthy Skeptic is right. The Dictator-for-Life is not a bold leader protecting us from certain disaster; he is an Incompetent Blowhard.

Joe Doakes

He’s a gym teacher, using the tools of his trade – yelling and putting people in corners.

Fraud Watch

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I have been confidently assured there is no ballot fraud.  I’m dubious.

The Minnesota Supreme Court issued an opinion in DSCC v. Simon, court
file A20-1017.  It’s eye-opening.

Minnesota law has long allowed a voter to have someone help them mark
their ballot.  It’s historically been used by the blind or disabled,
given by a friend or family member, and done inside the polling booth. 
The opportunity for fraud or mistake exists, but it’s a single vote. 
The law allows one person to help no more than three voters.

The Democrat party asserted they had the right under federal law to
“help” an unlimited number of voters mark their ballots off-site, and
then to deliver all those marked ballots to the polling place. 
Democrats asserted the Minnesota law that allows one person to “help” no
more than 3 voters, and to deliver the ballots of no more than 3 voters,
was a violation of federal voting rights law.

The Secretary of State disagreed (amazingly).  The Republican party
joined the suit to object. The trial court agreed with the Democrats and
issued a temporary order allowing the practice.  The Supreme Court
disagreed, slightly.

Democrats can “help” an unlimited number of people mark their ballots,
but no one person can deliver more than three of the marked ballots to
the polling place.  No more bringing in boxes full of marked ballots
from the trunk of your car.  Instead, Democrats must recruit more
runners to deliver all the marked ballots.

It’s probably just me, but if I were of a mind to cheat the vote, I
could think of a way to do it under this system.  Able marks hundreds of
ballots in the names of blind, disabled, elderly, dead, and non-English
speaking voters.  Baker, Charlie, David, Emily, Frank and many more,
earn a few bucks delivering three ballots to each of Ramsey, Hennepin,
Dakota, Carver, Wright, Sherburne, Anoka, Isanti and Washington
counties.  Better still, they earn no money, they get class
participation credit for their college Political Science course.  The
odds of counties comparing names is nil.  Multiply by 86 counties and
the chance to influence the results is . . . significant.

Good thing there is no ballot fraud.

Joe Doakes

Strap in. This next two months may well make us pine for the good times back in 2000.

Hear That Garment-Rending-y Sound?

That’s the sound of DFLers realizing they’re going to have to jam ten days worth of fraud into one evening.

And they’re not happy about it.

The 8th Circuit returned a decision in Carson v. Simon yesterday. The presser from the Minnesota Voters Alliance explains:

 The 8th Circuit reversed a lower court decision which authorized the Minnesota Secretary of State to accept ballots seven days after the election, and required an injunction against Simon for extending the statutory deadline for election day for receipt of absentee ballots. 

In our view, this was a scheme concocted by Secretary Simon in the first place, where he identified and encouraged his allies to file a lawsuit against him, knowing all along that he would enter into a consent decree with them just to circumvent the legislature and the will of the people.  We can not prove that of course, but in our view, that is exactly what happened.  

To sum it up:

  1. “Progressive” “group” “files” a “suit” against a “progressive” Secretary of State.
  2. The SOS “settles out of court”, signing a consent decree with his allies signed off on by a “progressive” judge.

Presto change-o. Law changed by executive fiat (under cover of a convenient bit of “litigation”), without any pesky “checks and balances” or “legislatures” getting in the way.

It’s an end-run around state law, and due process.

And it’s a foreword to what we can expect – well, expect much more of – if the Democrats win on Tuesday, or whenever the actual decision is announced.

The DFL PR nomenklatura are doing their best to obscure the facts:

Could Murphy have gotten anything about the story less right?

Not The Best Look

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I’d like a list of the 25 former GOP members who crossed the aisle to keep Governor Walz’ one-man-regime in power, in exchange for endorsements from trade unions who will benefit from the spending bill.

Please include home addresses, so I can send fruit baskets to thank them for selling out the people of Minnesota.

Joe Doakes

Not gonna lie – and if you are a MNGOP staffer, by all means feel free to pass this on to Jennifer Carnahan, Paul Gazelka and Kurt Daudt – but the whole “acting like DFLers” thing wasn’t amusing even before the state got swallowed up in a DFL coup.

It’s not been an easy few weeks to be a Minnesota Repubican.

Expect 30 Minutes Of Tina Smith Ads Per Hour For The Next 12 Days

Usual disclaimers about “the only poll that counts is on November 3 [1] inserted here.

But pessimist that I am, I really didn’t see this coming


Polls finding more-likely voters, ones who’ve actually been paying attention?

We’ll see.

I’ve heard more than a few fellow D-list pundits exclaim disbelief at “12% undecided”. I’m going to chalk that up to some misdirected Pauline Kael syndrome, from people who “write”/tweet about politics constantly, thinking everyone is the same as they are. Smith has tried hard to follow A-Klo’s model of being innocuous and invisible. We’ll see if it works.

Lewis beating the Butcher Of Vandalia would be an early Christmas present.

[1] And, let’s be honest, as we saw in 2008 and 2010, it still may not count, really, but let’s try not to go completely down the rabbit hole.

The Answer To Infantile Politics?

More infants voting.

This comes up every couple of years. It usually founders when people remember how ghastly young people are – why “we” have raised age limits for drinking, buying tobacco and renting cars.

But determining the future of a democracy most of them don’t understand and many have been indoctrinated to hate?

Why, it’s almost like there’s a malicious plan…

War On Our Election System

This past weekend on the NARN I talked about Carson v. Simon – a case that’s been filed with the Supreme Court of Minnesota over the Secretary of State’s plan to allow up to a week work of counting of ballots, including mail-in ballots with no postmarks – which as we saw earlier this week, could scarcely be better-designed to facilitate fraud.

The case, by the way, went a little like this:

  1. A far-left advocacy group brought a suit…
  2. …against a far-left Secretary of State…
  3. …who, mirabile dictu, reached a settlement and signed a “consent decree”, that was…
  4. …approved by a far-left judge, mandating enforcement of the decree…
  5. …by the far-left secretary of state.
  6. All parties passed this at least tacitly as an “adversarial” process, although some previous, lamentably deceased DFL-leaning Strib columnists would have referred to it as a “circle jerk”.

Now, word comes that this same pattern – leftist activists getting sweetheart consent decrees from friendly judges and election authorities – intended to warp the election systems toward unrestricted, unverifiable mail balloting.

We’ll be talking about this on the NARN on Saturday.

Representative Molotov

Once upon a time, I got some great life advice.

“Find what you’re good at, and run with it”.

John Thompson, would-be DFL rep from District 67A, the East Side, apparently got and practices the same advice.

He does seem to like burning down suburbs. Or at least talking about it.

A lot:

Sure, that’ll solve police overreach against blacks. Run with it.

Hey, DFLers – this is the mainstream of your party.

October Not-Remotely-Surprising

I joke, fairly often, that satire is more like the news than the news is, these days – and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

But sometimes, actual journalism is the best journalism there is.

The latest from Project Veritas:

And it’s in Minneapolis.

This is what Republicans face in the Metro.

If this were a Republican plot to stuff ballot boxes, the Justice Department would have both Cities wrapped up in a consent decree faster than you can say “l’etat c’es mon mére


Any bets on whether the Strib can be shamed out of its smug indolence?

End Game

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Let’s assume Governor Walz’ response to Covid-19 is not part of a larger
Democrat hoax, not an attempt to frighten voters into believing
President Trump has failed them, not a coordinated attack on the
American way of life.

Let’s assume Governor Walz truly has Minnesotans’ best interests at
heart.  That’s why he declared a Peacetime Emergency.  That’s why he
implemented one of the strictest Stay Home orders in the nation.  That’s
why he implemented the mask mandate and why he refuses to relinquish his
emergency powers.  Assume that’s all true.

What’s his end game?  When does the Peacetime Emergency end – when the
virus is defeated?  How will we know when we’ve won?

Walz was on television September 3rd reminding viewers that masks are
mandatory to prevent the spread of the virus.  But his own Health
Commissioner admitted days earlier that we cannot stop the spread, we
can only hope to manage it at some unspecified level of transmission. 
Oh, and if you are sick, wearing a mask doesn’t protect the people you
interact with.

So we know the virus will continue to spread and that’s okay, just not
as fast as it’s presently spreading.  Why does that matter?  The curve
is flat.  No hospital is overwhelmed.  There was no surge.  The
refrigerated warehouse bought to store plague corpses, sits empty. 
We’re at fewer than 2,000 deaths – even crediting the phony numbers –
which is 72,000 deaths short of the computer model prediction. No child
has died, no teen, but schools are closed.  Daily deaths are in the
single digits which is indistinguishable from the normal death rate (123
Minnesotans die every day, from all causes).

“Cases” tell us that people are carrying the virus in their bodies, but
people carry around lots of viruses.  The rhinovirus causes the common
cold.  Herpes simplex virus causes cold sores. Everybody has them and
they flare up occasionally, but we don’t count “cases” of them because .
. . nobody cares.  People don’t die of a cold sore.

And they’re no longer dying of Covid-19, either.  The vulnerable
population has died off.  The hardy survived, same as every epidemic
throughout the history of humankind. We don’t need to keep fighting the
virus.  We’ve won.

Time to declare victory and move on.

Joe Doakes

All of those assumptions at the beginning of the article were for purposes of argument. I will give Governor Klink the benefit of no such doubt.

Exuberance – Rational Or Not

To be a conservative in Minnesota (forget for a moment that neither Trump nor today’s GOP are “conservative”) is to assume all hope is illusory, even a little bit cruel.

And yet Biden and Harris are spending time here – a state that should be a gimme for them, at least at the Presidential level.

I hate to harbor hope.

But sometimes I still do.

A Children’s Story

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Story of the Little Governor Who Cried Surge, by Joe Doakes

Once there was a Governor named Timmy.  He had a fine house and many servants, but he was bored.  “I know,” he thought, “I’ll cause some excitement. That’ll be fun.”

So Timmy ran through the streets yelling “Curve! Curve! We’re all gonna die!”  People panicked and bought hand sanitizer, toilet paper and bottled water.  But they did not die.

Timmy laughed and laughed.  But then he got bored again.  He ran through the streets again, yelling “Covid! Covid! We’re all gonna die!” People panicked and worked from home.  They wore masks.  They ate take-out food. But they did not die.

Timmy laughed and laughed.  But then he got bored again.  He ran through the streets a third time, yelling “Cases! Cases! We’re all gonna die.” But the people had read the headlines.  They knew there were many new Covid cases but hospitalizations had fallen and nobody died.  The people did not panic. 

Timmy was furious.  This was no fun.  He argued with the people.  “We’re on the edge of a cliff.  As cases spread, hospitalizations will rise and people will die, in a surge!  A massive surge!  I warned you all Spring that it was coming in May, could be June, or possibly July.  We got lucky in August but now it’s September and look out!  The Surge!  The Surge!  We’re all gonna die in The Surge!”

But the people turned away.  They threw their silly masks in the rubbish bins.  They went to weddings for young people starting a new life.  They went to funerals for old people ending a long life.  They went to backyard bar-b-ques with friends to celebrate the good life.  The did not listen to Little Timmy at all.

And Little Timmy cried and cried.

The End

In much of the Metro today, it pretty much is a children’s story. More later.

The Fraud Machine

I know, I know – there is no voter fraud.

All those phony registrations that election integrity groups uncovered between 2009 today? Just random demographic fuzz.

Nine people registred in a single small-town laundromat? What are you – paranoid?

Secretary of State Simon defying three court orders to turn over dox related to irregularities? Nah, nothing to see here.

It’s downright unpatriotic to question the election system.

Perish the thought:

A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.

Mail-in ballots have become the latest flashpoint in the 2020 elections. While President Trump and the GOP warn of widespread manipulation of the absentee vote that will swell with COVID polling restrictions, many Democrats and their media allies have dismissed such concerns as unfounded.

But the political insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears prosecution, said fraud is more the rule than the exception. His dirty work has taken him through the weeds of municipal and federal elections in Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden, Newark, Hoboken and Hudson County and his fingerprints can be found in local legislative, mayoral and congressional races across the Garden State. Some of the biggest names and highest office holders in New Jersey have benefited from his tricks, according to campaign records The Post reviewed.

I know – anonymous source, NYPost, yadda yadda.

But at some point, even the undecided have to decide there’s “smoke”, here…

Open Letter To House Majority Leader Winkler

To: Rep. Ryan WInkler, House Majority Leader
From: Mitch Berg, Irascible Peasant
Re: Timing

Rep. Winkler,

Yesterday you tweeted in re the shooting in Kenosha:

Rep Winkler, I say the following with all due respect.

I’m just spitballing, here, but maybe a white, suburban Harvard grad who called one of the leading jurists in the nation an “Uncle Thomas” because he departed the Democrat Party’s plantation, might want to sit out the whole “white supremacy” thing.

That is all.

Convenient Justice

Charges have been filed and the destruction of the state owned Christopher Columbus statue on the Capitol Mall last June.

The episode – which occurred as cameras from all for local TV news stations and every newspaper that can still afford photographers churned out footage, and as state patrol officers looked on – has been “under investigation” for two months since, as the full resources of the state “criminal justice“ system were able to swarm on several bars and a rodeo in Outstate Minnesota practically while the seats were still warm.

The discrepancy between the events was enough to get some sex to say it looks as if there might be a two-tiered justice system in Minnesota; one for progressives who are tightly connected with the metro political system, and everyone else.

Oh, yeah – as usual, the cynics were right:

According to the attorney’s office, [the accused, Michael] Forcia, a member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, acknowledged at the time that he wanted to be held accountable for the statue being pulled down, with the investigation finding he was the “organizer, leader, and executor of the incident.”

He will get the same brand of “justice“ that Woody Kane got, of course; it is good to be part of the ruling class.


Dozens of businesses are expecting to leave downtown Minneapolis.

A new survey by the Downtown Council shows 45 business owners say they are considering leaving downtown – citing the lack of people working or socializing downtown – and the idea that the police department could be dismantled.

Though they won’t say which businesses are considering pulling out of downtown, the council says one of the businesses employs 600 people.

That could mean a lot of empty spaces.

On the up side, I suppose “moving” implies some intent to survive.

Wonder how many downtown businesses have closed for good without making it onto any surveys?

Shot In The Dark: Tomorrow’s News, 15 Years Ago

It’s been percolating about “prog” social media lately – the notion that Trump, should he lose the election, wouldn’t relinquish office.

Never mind how, or whether it’s remotely plausible. All that is necessary for the left-wing noise machine is to get the chatters chattering.

But as to “why would they be spreading such palpable poppycock?”

If you’re a regular reader, you know Berg’s Seventh Law.

And if you know Berg’s Seventh Law, you already have your answer.

Governor Passive-Aggressive

Mayor Frey is going public with his complaints that Governor Walz stonewalled him on sending the National Guard.

Walz’s response shows Frey was right…

…and that Walz – aka “Governor Klink” – still has a little bit of that high school gym teacher in him, passive-aggressively torturing the wimpy kid.

Or perhaps, in this case, Dwight Schrute:

Either way, the former NCO seems to have a pretty terrible opinion of the Guard:

So…note to future mayors: When you go to Governor Klink to ask for the guard:

  1. Watch “Patton” so you have some idea how to “plan” riot control
  2. Specially request “no 19 year old cooks”.

Got that?

Now, let’s not for a moment pretend this public “squabble” between Mayor McDreamy and Governor Klink is anything but a public charade designed to give both the Mayor and the Governor political cover.

All I can say is, you’re in great hands, Minnesota.