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Saint Paulicy is one of my favorite new blogs; they were the first blog to break the story of the Highland Community Council’s financial woes.

And now?  Councilman Lee Helgen – and a competing pair of campaign contributions, related to his apparent flip-flop on the construction of a new flood wall for downtown’s Holman Field airport – is in their sights:

[Helgen’s] year-end report lists nearly $1,000 from several Building Trades related political action committees and local trade unions.  In order to get these contributions, SPicy believes they are made with some level of confidence that the Candidate will hear the concerns and work toward promoting the bread and butter of the organization(s).  SPicy does not believe that Mr. Helgen’s vote is for sale, not in the least.

But, Mr. Helgen must have expressed his ongoing support for certain building projects in the City to gain the confidence of these contributors.

But wait,  Lee’s campaign website lists an Environmental focused fundraiser, on June 28th, at the home of Whitney Clark, the Director of the Friends of the Mississippi River.  The attendees must be expecting to hear about Lee’s strong stand against the Holman Field Floodwall, one of the FMRs #1 prioroties – to kill.

Which runway will Helgen choose to land upon?  If Helgen votes in support of the appeal, SPicy wonders how he will react to a question from a FMR attendee asking Mr. Helgen what he thinks Mayor Coleman should do with his veto power…

Councilman Helgen is going to have a very interesting election this year, on a number of fronts. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. I too have been following this blog. It’s nice to have someone with an “in” at City Hall in St. Paul. City Hall in St. Paul has been “under-reported” by the local media for some time.

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