I’m All Behind It

Reade Seligman is going to sue Nifong:

Former Duke University lacrosse team player, Reade Seligmann, who had been cleared of charges he and two other players raped a hired stripper, says he feels sorry for disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong’s family, but he added he was hurt by Nifong’s statement at last week’s hearing that he still thinks “something happened in that bathroom” at that now infamous team party last year.

“It was probably one of the most difficult parts of the hearing,” Seligmann, 21, told TODAY host Meredith Vieira during an exclusive interview on Monday. “I really did feel sympathy for his family … It’s been a tragedy that another family is going to have to suffer because of Mike Nifong’s actions, but after hearing him say that, it really did make it difficult to feel [for him].”

I’d be tempted to send a few bucks to any legal fund that went after Nifong – but there are many more, many worse cases of prosecutorial misconduct out there. 

1 thought on “I’m All Behind It

  1. Many more, and these cats don’t exactly need the money. Pa’s got plenty – which is as it should be.
    Set that money aside in a nice, high-interest-bearing (yet somewhat accessible) account just in case of a rainy day – or a really bad entertainment contractor hiring decision. Could happen to anyone, eh?

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