Neither Rain, Nor Snow, nor Sleet…’cept Saturday.

The post office wants to dump Saturday delivery.

The U.S. Postal Service, facing a crushing budget deficit, unveiled a sweeping cost-cutting plan Tuesday that apparently includes elimination of Saturday deliveries.

Who was it that once said in response to the question…

“Show me one thing the government has done well”

…The Postal Service?

Tangent notwithstanding, this should be no surprise. The fact is people are mailing less, emailing more, and if they need something sent quickly and reliably…there are other options, and people are willing to pay for the privilege.

Drop Saturdays. Fine with me. Why don’t you drop Tuesday through Saturday while you’re at it.

…in fact, lose Monday too. I’m sick of shovelling the snow away from my mailbox so I can empty it into the recycle bin every day.

Daily delivery of the mail is overkill.

You want to send me something? Make it an email.

2 thoughts on “Neither Rain, Nor Snow, nor Sleet…’cept Saturday.

  1. I suspect they’ve got it backwards… if they want to stop losing money and become more buoyant, they shouldn’t drop days. They ought to add Sundays.

    Go seven days a week.

    That said, I’m starting to appreciate Roosh’s comments… drop it all together and save me the trouble of getting rid of all my junk mail.

  2. They can charge more for junk mail if they wish, but I’d suspect the numerous users of Netflix alone would disagree with the removal of mail delivery.

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