Planning A Tantrum

Lassie at Freedomdogs notes that the left is falready planning to try to disrupt the ’08 GOP Convention   here in Saint Paul:

Not placated after a major DFL win this election, area hippies are plotting street theater at the 2008 GOP Presidential Convention in St. Paul.

“[Executive Director of MN ACLU, Chuck] Samuelson said he expects the Minnesota ACLU eventually will get involved in lawsuits to guarantee convention access. He said he expects that authorities will be prepared to handle tens of thousands of arrests, possibly using a large venue to hold those arrested and process them.”

A “veteran” of ProtestWarrior and FreeRepublic, I remember reading reports of delegates harassed in New York. Hundreds of PWs and FRs joined to counter-protest agitators and escort delegates. Below, PWs got in front of unsuspecting protesters at their anti-war march:

Go to the Dogs to see the photos.

I’ve been in an extended conversation with a bunch of Democrats on a St. Paul politics discussion group. Over there, among the coterie of dedicated lefties, trying to distinguish between peaceful demonstrations (a perfectly fine thing) and violent provocation is completely fruitless; it would seem some of them (at least the more vocal ones) don’t think there is a difference.

As for me?  Bring on the peaceful protesters; it’ll be fun.  But keept he violent provocateurs in Seattle and San Francisco where they belong.

As to having a “large venue” for holding the scuzzbags that get arrested – rubbish.  Rent a bunch of barges on the Mississippi.  Put up tarps for shelter.  Violent provocation should have consequences.

And if the Saint Paul Police need a backup water cannon operator – you got my number.

More constructive, perhaps, is Protest Warrior’s idea.  Go read the Dogs!

5 thoughts on “Planning A Tantrum

  1. Thanks, Mitch! Almost a dozen have signed up already with very creative ideas. Closed circuit to the Anti-War committee kids: we’ll be there to greet you in ’08. Please try and come up with more creative chants — and remember, Bush is not running.

  2. Lassie,

    I wonder if the Irish guy with the Hubble telescope glasses will be there again with the AWC. That lunatic was all about peace and justice, eh?

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