Toy Administrators

When I was a kid, toy guns were not something you brought to school.

On the other hand, you didn’t bring any other toys to school, either. They were a distraction.

Nowadays, the biggest distraction is the idiots who run our school systems. Apple Valley schools have had a couple of students arrested for being insufficiently bright on school time:

Toy guns have landed two teenagers in Dakota County in serious trouble.

In one case, a 14-year-old Apple Valley student was arrested Thursday morning after twice firing plastic pellets from an air gun at students on a school bus.

Um, no, I’m not condoning this. The little dolt deserved to have the whole world come down on him. And an extent it did. But did it stop there?

According to a letter that district superintendent John Currie sent to parents Thursday, the boy first shot the air gun while he was on or outside a shuttle bus at Apple Valley High School. The bus driver was unaware of the incident at the time, Currie said.

The student then rode the bus to the School of Environmental Studies, where he allegedly again shot the air gun at students. The shuttle continued to the boy’s school, the Area Learning Center, where he was arrested.

On the one hand; a junior high kid has done something deeply, utterly stupid (and one might not suspect it’s the first time, since the kid attends ALC, which is school district shorthand for “We’ve had plenty of trouble with this kid already”. ALC is the educational gulag. More on that later.

On the other hand; the school sent a letter. To parents. A letter explaining to the parents of junior high kids that another junior high kid has done something really, really dumb.

And the story has made the front (online page) of the Strib!

We’ll get back to this. There was another incident. I’ve added emphasis:

In the other Dakota County case, a 15-year-old student at Hastings High School was charged Thursday with making terroristic threats, a felony, after telling other students he had a “hit list” with four names on it and planned to take a replica gun to school to frighten his targets.

The incidents that began at Apple Valley High School prompted school officials to lock down the School for Environmental Studies and the Area Learning Center briefly, Currie said.

A dolt and an overdramatic drama jack act like…dolts and overdramatic drama jacks, or, put another way, like adolescents. The proper response is to suspend them, maybe arrest them, deal with the situation.

But no. They locked down both schools, confining hundreds of kids to their airless, dismal classrooms, in a ritual that every student in a school today knows to mean “SOMEONE WITH A GUN!”

It’s a wonder anyone gets through our school systems without post-traumatic stress.

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  1. “It’s a wonder anyone gets through our school systems without post-traumatic stress.”

    They do? Lucky them.

    I think I’ve mostly recovered but it definitely took me years and years.

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