Mark Down “March 13” On Your Calendars

That’s the date of the MOB “Winter” Party.

It’s a Saturday night.  It’s about a month away, so there’s plenty of time to get that babysitter (or parentsitter).  It’s going to be at a different location, at least for purposes of this party, although it’s still going to be centrally-located.

Stay tuned for the location, later this week. And if you’re going to attend, drop me a line at “”.

7 thoughts on “Mark Down “March 13” On Your Calendars

  1. MON-

    Remember that Mitch is from St. Paul and he gets nervous and disorientated if he has to travel west of Highway 100.

    I know that he says this in jest but I actually used to work with a guy from St. Paul who was proud of the fact that he could count the number if times he had been west of 100 on one hand. I also have some relatives from St. Paul who once got lost in Iowa because they kept looking for 35E to take them home, not realizing that I-35 is only split through MSP. True story.

  2. kinda one of those situations where I don’t know if I should laugh or cry CTE. I have no idea how to navigate St.Paul outside of mapquest and I live about 3/4 of mile from 100 north/south here in Edina.

  3. St. Paul is actually pretty easy to navigate, if you just ignore the street numbers and orient yourself based on the main streets — oh, that’s a few blocks east of Snelling and a block or two north of Randolph. That sort of of thing. Once you get that down, it’s not bad.

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